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Ultra-Marathon Running Calendar
Ultra-Marathon Running Calendar

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Jun 2019
n response to popular demand Townsville returns to the standard Adventurethon Format again on 29th & 30th June, 2019. Gear up for a full on, three discipline, race to test your stamina on the waters and tracks around Pallarenda in the Adventurethon National Challenge. Not just an event for the elite athletes, Adventurethon also caters to the whole family from juniors to first time adults and those seeking a bit more of a challenge. Paddle, run and ride courses are designed to provide you with the best experiences of the location and to throw in a little fun and adventure along the way. Course planning is underway to ensure a great experience for all participants. We regularly update our website with the most up-to-date information, be sure to check in: contact: Adventurethon Australia 0447496489. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Jul 2019
The Guzzler & The Glass Half Full are new ultra marathons at Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane on Saturday, 27 July 2019. Choose your option: the main Guzzler (100km) or the Glass Half Full (50km). The Guzzler heads out from the green heart of Brisbane, Mt Coot-tha, to visit three of Brisbane�s oldest reservoirs. You�ll take a trip through history, running past Enoggera Reservoir, opened in 1866, followed by Gold Creek Reservoir, opened 1882, before seeking out Lake Manchester, opened in 1916. From there you'll skip (or drag) your way home to a tall glass of Brisbane's finest (water)! If you prefer your Glass Half Full, you can tackle the 50km event which will take in the first two reservoirs, Enoggera and Gold Creek. Distances/Events The Glass Half Full 50km The Guzzler 100km contact: Tim. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Sep 2019
Kowen Moonlighter event lets runners experience trail running at night. With 7 different events to choose from there is something for everyone from beginner trail runners to experienced ultra runners. The events utilise a 7.55km loop with short events Saturday evening (single 7.55km, double 15.10km or triple 22.65km loops) or for the more serious runners a 6 or 12 hour ultra run with either solo or relay teams going overnight. Not-for-profit will all proceeds going to the local Wamboin Rural Fire Brigade. contact: Pam Muston. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
The fun and excitement of the Adventurethon Outback Sprint are returning to Charters Towers in 2019. Family fun + excitement + extraordinary locations + adventurous challenges are all on offer to you. Put together the three disciplines of Paddle, Run & Mountain Bike in a Scenic Hidden Gem in Outback Charters Towers for a fast-paced Sprint or more relaxed Enticer event full of adrenaline. The location is ideal for camping and allows for a relaxed, low stress, have a go, atmosphere where you can get back to the basics of enjoying a new landscape with your mates, no Egos no Judgements �have a swim with mates at Echo Hole when you are done! Be sure to head to our website for the most-up-to-date information contact: Adventurethon Australia 0447496489. email: Visit the website for more details.
Sat-Sun 28-29 Sep HOUNSLOW CLASSIC 2019 (NSW)
The Hounslow Classic is a 68km Ultra SkyMarathon and 21km SkyRace in the Blue Mountains of NSW from Saturday, 28 September to Sunday, 29 September 2019. The event is sanctioned by the International SkyRunning Federation. Registration opens at 9am, May 1st, 2019 for Foundation Members, and at 9am, May 8th for open registration. Starting in the picturesque township of Blackheath, one of the highest villages in the Blue Mountains - the Hounslow Classic Ultra takes runners of a tour of the Grose Valley past environmental icons such as Blue Gum Forest, Pulpit Rock, Junction Rock and Lockley Pylon. Not to mention the amazing Grand Canyon. This race is held on virgin territory when it comes to events and is awe inspiring in its scenery as it brings you into some pockets of the world which both amateur and professional photographers travel across the continent to capture. contact: Sean Greenhill. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Oct 2019
Sat-Sun 12-13 Oct HUME & HOVELL ULTRA (NSW)
100 mile, 100 km, 50 km & 22 km run on a section of the Hume & Hovell Walking Track, 9 kms south of Tumbarumba on the Tooma Road at the foot of the Snowy Mountains. The 100 km has been selected as the AURA Australian Long Trail Championships for 2019 as part of the event. The H&H also has ITRA points.Beautiful scenery, single tracks, fire trails, waterfalls, dams and amazing wild life.  contact: Peter FitzPatrick. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Start your weekend of fun, thrills and adventure with a mountain bike ride around the always interesting Rowallan Park tracks. Look out for inclusion of the now famous �floating bridge� and �spiral of doom� either or both of which may re-appear again in 2019 along with some new challenges. Follow your ride with a flat-water paddle on the serene waters of Kinchant Dam in the picturesque Pioneer Valley then settle in for the night at the quiet campsite. Awake Sunday for a short drive to join the fun with the very popular Finch Hatton Gorge Adventure Run through the stunning rainforest and get a close look at the waterfalls but be prepared to get wet! We are always adding more information to our website, for the most up-to-date information on events be sure to check our website: contact: Adventurethon Australia 0447496489. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Nov 2019
A 100 mile endurance run like no other in the southern hemisphere. The GSER100 was run for the first time in 2017. The event will run every two years, reversing the course each time, giving runners the opportunity to run in both directions. Schedule: 2017, 2021: Mt Buller to Bright 2019, 2023: Bright to Mt Buller The Great Southern Endurance Run takes on the rugged and picturesque mountains and trails throughout the Victorian Alps. In an odd year event runners climb over 10,207m of ascent and tackle 11,464m of descent over 182km distance. In even year events those numbers are reversed. In both iterations of the event, runners are challenged beyond their known capabilities and stripped bare to the soul in their quest to make it to the finish line of the most brutal, spectacular and amazing run in the southern hemisphere. This event has been designed to be the gem of 100 miler events in the southern hemisphere. The point to point journey is epic, the trails are predominantly single trail and the historical Australian Alps Walking Trail is used for parts of the course. The grit and determination it will take participants to finish will be nothing short of extraordinary. The experience along the way � priceless. This is an event that will impact runners, crew and volunteers for the better� For enthusiasts of ultra running, trail running or mountain running, this course represents the epitome of journeys and events. �In designing this course � we wanted people to get a pure experience of the Mountains in Australia, we looked for a journey, something that really spoke to the achievement of finishing, to say you have run from Mt Buller to Bright, across the mountains � it�s a formidable challenge in a special setting, that�s ultra running at its best� Sean Greenhill, GSER Management Team The Great Southern Endurance Run will offer a 100 miler Solo or relay option and a 50 mile option. Runners must have qualifiers to enter the event. contact: Sean Greenhill. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
For some time we have wanted to put on an event with every leg being a stunner in its� own right, with no need to compromise on quality. We often found that there were people who would love to do 1 discipline but not all of them and that finding teammates was kind of a hard process if they weren�t already part of the multisport circles. Hence the evolution of the Adventurethon Demolish Format onto the scene. Demolish is essentially an Adventurethon event which has been pulled apart to create 3 stand alone individual races, with times that can be tallied together in a stage race format at the end to find an overall champion. However, it can also can be raced as a team, in pairs, or simply just attempt your favourite leg. The Clarence Valley event will feature an amazing tour of the area taking in some challenging but fun mountain biking, adventure running and paddling over 2 days. Bring your family and mates and settle in for some great camping and entertainment with seriously easy logistics and a warm, country atmosphere at the heart of the weekend. For the most up-to-date information regarding event regularly check out our website: contact: Adventure Australia 0447496489. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.
Sun 24 Nov STROMLO RUNNING FESTIVAL 2019 (ACT) contact: Sean Greenhill. email: Visit the website for more details. Click here for an entryform.

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