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This page last updated: Tuesday 05 April 2011
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The Dead Runners Society is a world-wide email discussion group for people who like to talk about running. The group is informal and social and we all try to encourage each other in our running programs. We talk about everything related to running, from meditation to marathons. (See a description of the dead runners in the form of a song).

The DeadRooz is a regional list mainly composed of Australian runners, but not necessarily, mainly discussing various aspects of running in Australia, but not necessarily.

One of the main reasons for its existence is so that day to day discussions relating to Australia are not drowned out by the high volume (almost 100+ posts per day) on the "biglist".

It is not designed to replace the biglist, but to complement it.

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deadrooz archive

The Dead Runners Society was named after the film "Dead Poets Society", which had "Carpe Diem" (seize the day) as it's motto. The dead runners amended this to "Carpe Viam" (seize the road) which is pretty apt.

DeadRooz stands for "Dead Runners of Australia" It is meant to show some allegiance to roadkill, for which this country is famous. This was first written down in an email by Margaret Smith, whose wisdom we will be eternally grateful for.

It is highly likely that the first Australian "dead" was Guy Griffin. You old stiff !

David Couper (The Ancyent Marath'ner) was the first list-god from October 1997 till July 1998 when he moved to North Carolina, somehwere in Middle America. From July 1998 to Jan 2001, Kevin Tiller was list-god. From January 2001, the duty has been handled by Phil Essam who can probably answer any of your questions.

Being an email group, and dispersed, we don't often see each other. A tradition within the Dead Runners is "An Encounter" where we physically meet up, most usually before, during, or after a race. Here are some we've had :

Canberra Marathon, April 1996
This is where we first realised that there was a real grouping of Australian "deads". Pictured at the pre-event bash are Guy Griffin (standing) next to Margaret Smith. Kevin Tiller is seated (in glorious colour) next to his wife Dawn, with the list-god Dave Couper in white. photo.

The Tranchmontagne Encounter, late 1996
US-dead Paul Tranchmontage (and wife) were visiting from the US. Guy Griffin and Kevin Tiller met Paul for a run and proceeded to get everyone "lost". The photo here was taken afterwards at a Kings Cross nightspot ! (Kevin in blue, Guy in white, next to wife Sarah. Paul is with a 'tache). Photo.

Sydney 2000 - Host City Marathon Pasta Meal
The Olympic Marathon Trial, on the official course. Pasta Meal in Crows Nest on the Friday before. Click photos to enlarge

Group photo : Peter Allan (TAS), Darryl (Sydney), Margaret (Sydney), Bill (Sydney), Gerry (WA), Kevin (Sydney)

Looking up the table, Gerry and his WA Bristol Rovers mates (!?)

Peter Allan, The Tassie Devil himself

Bill & Kevin in conference with Sean at the Glasshouse Race

Another group photo

Daniel Green - Daniel is probably the slowest member of the group ...

Ian Kemp and again - Ian lives in all the interesting spots - Wollongong, NZ...

Kevin Tiller - Kevin thinks he's a runner ...

Sean Greenhill - never writes to the list ...

Melanie - Part of the Queensland contingent - and again.

Kev Cassidy here and here - "The mouth from the south".

Phil Essam - "The man from Adelaide".

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