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12 Foot Track : Photos From 10th August 2002

12 Foot Track : Photos From 10th August 2002

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The field getting ready after enjoying Ross's breakfast.

Start Line

.. and again

Kevin & Ross in Megalong Valley

Sean & Peter

Peter's back

Frost on the grass and blue morning sky in Megalong Valley.

Jonathon in Megalong Valley.

Sean .. with nature

Another early morning idyll.

Jan in Megalong Valley.

With the mountainbikers at Cox's River.

Jonathon tackling the climb out of the Cox's River valley.

Caves House: We earned that!

Lawrence and Sean arriving at Caves House.

Sean & Ross Shilston @ Caves House

The locals enjoying the day at Black Ranges Campground.

Mini Mini Saddle scene at sunset.

Jan back at the Explorer's Tree.

Lawrence and Sean at the finsh.

Lawrence & Sean - Finito!

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