12 Foot Results 2006

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Held: 12th August 2006

#Name6 Foot12 Foot
1Phil Murphy aka Spud 5:0611:12
2Tim Turner aka tim 5:1212:00
3Andrew Hewat aka Whippet5:2112:23
4Lawrence Mead6:0612:58
5Wayne Gregory aka Blue Dog5:3613:51
6Glenn Lockwood aka Horrie6:0716:37
7Jan Herrman 17:00
8Ken Smith aka Lastish 6:59 17:43
9Louis Commins aka Louie da fly 6:55 18:30

Spud then finished the City Surf on Sunday 13th August in 68mins, Blue Dog in 66mins and Louis finished in 81:43.

  • Sean Greenhill - 38km from Start to Deviation
  • Kevin Tiller - 23km from Start to River and return to Megalong
  • Kieron Thompson - 22km from Start to Pinnacle Hill and return
  • Ross Yates - 15km from Megalong to River and return