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Brief notes

  • The Six Foot Track Marathon is about the 2nd oldest trail run in Australia, having been held every year since 1984.
  • This run, the 12 Foot Track, is an out and back along the same route.
  • Absolutely you should not even think of starting this run if you have not run the Six Foot Track before - it is a very demanding run.
  • The run is usually on City to Surf weekend (your choice : Sydney or the bush) to allow the possibility of the Herrman-Double (12 foot and city to surf on the same weekend). Feel free to do this run yourself as a training run at any time.

Date/Time of next run

7am, Saturday, 13th August 2011

Start Location

The Marked Explorer's Tree, near Katoomba, New South Wales. This is approx a 90 minute drive depending on time/traffic from Sydney. (See location of start here)

Finish Location

Same as start.

Start Facilities

Free car parking, no toilets & no water


90km - Standard Option 45km - Pikers Option (Stop at Jenolan Caves - sort out your own transport !)

Time Limit

None - take as long as you like

Entry Fee


Course Description

Out and back along EXACTLY the same route as the Six Foot Track - Katoomba Marked Tree to Jenolan Caves House and return.

Sketch Maps

Check out the Six Foot Track Website

Maps & Instructions

There will be no maps handed out on the day - any prospective runners are expected to be familiar with the route or to purchase their own maps - the Six Foot Track is a popular hike and any mapshop/camping shop in Sydney will have something. Note that the course follows EXACTLY the same as per the current Six Foot Track Marathon race ie no running down Caves Rd.

Aid Summary

As there will no aid supplied, you should carry your own supplies of water and other food. For those stopping at Jenolan Caves, you need to provide your own transport back. For returning runners, food and drink is available to buy at Caves House. Returning runners may likely require a torch or 2 ! There are new facilities at both Cox's River and at the Black Range Rd turnoff that include toilets and water tank (however don't assume that on the day you do the run they are in working order!). Binda Cabins (now called Jenolan Caves Cottages just a few km from Jenolan Caves) also have toilets and water taps. This means that the run is now quite possible as a solo effort.

The water at the Cox's river is definitely not drinkable, but people have reported drinking the water in Little River (approx 23km from start) with no ill-effects (you decide whether you can stomach it). You may also be able to drink the water in Alum Creek that you cross just before you get to Little River. Also, after crossing the Coxs, about 600-800 metres up the hill, there is a small flow of water that comes across the dirt road, right to left, which is drinkable. But this water tends to dry up if there has not been any recent rain.

You should also bring along a plastic envelope or something to keep the map dry if it rains or if you sweat heavily.

Route Marking Summary

There will be no track markings specifically put up for this run, but there are official permanent Six Foot Track markers put out that are generally adequate. You should be familiar with the route by having run the Six Foot Track race, or purchase your own map.

Intending Runners

If you have read the introduction about Fat Ass runs and the waiver that you MUST sign and are still keen to run then email us to let us know you are coming. Please note that to ensure you don't miss any late breaking info read this website or the Fat Ass section of the CoolRunning Messageboards.

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