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We will provide drink / food stations for runners to be able to bring food or drinks to the start that we will place out on the course (8, 16, 24, 34 & 51kms). The idea is for runners to be able to practice consuming food / liquid on the run to simulate race days. A bin will be placed about 500m up the path for you to drop your rubbish (bottles, gels, wrappers, etc) that we will collect once everyone is through.

In order to rapidly co-ordinate this on the day, please register yourself on the Provisional 2006 Start List if you haven't already by emailing me at brtrun@optusnet.com.au. Remember your number and write this on any food / drink you want placed out on the course and the desired location. At the start next to registration, there will be a car (clearly marked) for each drink station. Just hand in your supplies at the appropriate car.

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