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If you are thinking about participating, please complete an entry form in advance (instructions below). This allows us to start on time on the day given that most people don't arrive early to warm up for a training run! If you subsequently can't make it, that doesn't matter and you haven't forfeited any money!

To complete entry form:

  • click on the link below titled "Entry Form 2007"
  • click on "open" document when prompted (it is a word file)
  • fill in the highlighted fields on the form (including your acknowledgement of the waiver)
  • save the form somewhere on your computer (this option should be under "file" or "page" on your web browser depending upon which browser & version you use). This will not alter the form others download.
  • email your saved entry form to brtrun2007@optusnet.com.au
  • NB: if you wish to paste your electronic signature at the end, you will need to "unlock" the form first. Otherwise just type your name in this field.

If you have any difficulties, please let me know & I'll email you an entry form.

Entry Form 2007

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