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Most starters should have received the below points on email, but if not, a copy of a number of important points about the run for Sunday is repeated below.

  • pre-run briefing will start at 7:50am with planned run start at 8am. I am very keen to get away on time and the smooth running of my volunteers relies upon this.
  • EVERYONE MUST register at the start even if I have your signed entry form – this is to ensure we have an accurate start list and can look for anyone who doesn’t come out the other end! The express lane is for those who have sent their entries in before Sunday – just get your name ticked off and sign the waiver if you haven’t already. The snail-pace line for the rest! There will be entry forms available to complete on the day if required.
  • Please allow enough time to get things done before run start – ie. register, put your drinks out, toileting, etc. Those coming from Melbourne should allow at least an hour from the Westgate Bridge, assuming there are no road works.
  • If you are not going to run the whole distance (ie 34 or 68kms), please let us know at registration. If you don’t come out the other end, we WILL be looking for you!
  • If you are using the shuttle bus, please bring $5 to registration. If your name is not on the list on the website and you plan to use it, please let me know ASAP.
  • The weather forecast currently looks great, but check again prior to the day. Remember that there is provision at the start to have your things transported to the finish - a towel and dry clothes would be a very wise investment, especially if it is wet or cold. The drop off car for the 34km point is likely to be the shuttle bus so plenty of room! There will be 2 shuttle buses so I do not expect significant delays in getting everyone back to the start.
  • There will be some bottled water available at each of the drink stations but where possible, please bring your own supplies to put in the appropriate cars at the start. I have not catered for the water demands of 80-90 runners! Remember to clearly label your supplies with your number (they will be put out in numbered order) & desired location (eg. 16km).
  • Finally, THANK YOU to those who have returned an entry form – it will make an enormous difference at the start. For those who have not yet returned theirs, please do so where possible. If you do not have an asterix next to your name on the start list, I do not have your entry form. If you need me to email another copy, let me know.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday – let me know if there are any queries.

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Thank you to those who have indicated that they will require transport back to the start. Given current numbers, I have hired 2 shuttle buses. Each carries 11 (plus the driver). I hope therefore, that there will be minimal waiting around before getting everyone back. If rain is a problem, I will also use private cars, as we did last year, to ensure no one is left cold, wet and waiting! If you are using this service, please bring $5 to registration.

Thank you also to those who have sent in their entry forms - as marked with an asterix next to their name on the start list. Those who haven't, please try to get them to me before the day. If you subsequently can't make the run, that doesn't matter. It is important that we get started on time and advanced entries will greatly assist this. For an entry form and instructions, email me at

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Given the popularity of the 2005 run, it has been necessary for me to undertake a more formal approach to the staging of the run for 2006.

With the help of the City of Greater Geelong and the Geelong Police - Traffic Division, the following have been implemented to improve the safety for all runners:

  • public liability insurance - through the Running Australia network that is a division of Athletics Australia. Contact Nicole Roache or Stephen Crook at Athletics Australia (03) 9820 3511 for more information about this service.
  • marshalls positioned at several key road crossings wearing brightly coloured clothing - they are there to warn runners of traffic, NOT to stop traffic. If you need to stop, they will verbalise this as well as wave a red flag. But you should also make sure for yourself and remember that ALL ROAD TRAFFIC HAS RIGHT OF WAY!
  • large signs at several key road crossings to warn you of the upcoming danger.
  • medical support - this is obviously difficult in such a run but there will be a doctor riding a MTB along the trail. The doctor's main role is to help with acute situations eg. asthma, heart attack, etc and will not be a Sports Medicine Doctor to treat everyones chronic injuries!

Consequently, at the start, you will need to complete an entry form (as per other fun runs) - signed underneath the waiver on the back. This will make it easier for me to look for you if I think you're lost - although that is not easily done on the Bellarine Rail Trail! It will also be required with the introduction of public liability insurance. If you have not received an entry form already, please email me at

Importantly, the run remains FREE!

Cheers, Brett Coleman

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