Martin Fryer's 2001 12foot Report

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Haven't quite had time to let it all sink in- trying to get to sleep last night I was still replaying my private 35mm film epic of Saturday's adventure in my head - as I have said before these runs make me feel like I have been abducted by aliens for the day and it always takes me many days to come back to reality. Had to do some shopping yesterday and wandered round Woden Plaza feeling completely out of it and wondering what all these people were doing there.

Anyway, the news in brief - Peter Goonpan and I ran together virtually the whole way, being well matched for pace and temperament. He pushed me hard from Cox's River back to Megalong Cemetary on the way back. If I had run alone I think I would have added another hour to my time. Our halfway split was 5:14 (which I thought was pushing it a bit hard) and our second half split was 6:22 - making a final time of 11h 36 min. To me the bad patches came just before descending to Caves House and also descending the Pluviometer hill on the way back (quads). There were many more good patches including superb afternoon views from the Pluviometer hill (which you never see in the race), Blue Mountain cliffs lit up in the late afternoon, and that beautiful, cool pre-sunset feeling in the valleys.

A fantastic day out - thanks to Goony for his company during the run, thanks to Kevin for getting the concept into action, thanks to Ian for pre and post race sustenance, thanks to Gayl and Sean for accomodation on Fri/Sat night, thanks to Max for his mobile aid station help, thanks to the Big Drug in the Sky for providing superb weather and FINALLY thanks to all you Fat Ass crazies for contributing to an awesome day out.

Congratulations to all that ran on the day - we all achieved personal and collective goals and had a hoot of a time doing it.

Martin Fryer Canberra Australia