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Date of run: Sunday 7th Feb 2016

Start time: 7am although some people leave at 6am

There is no need to advise an organiser you are coming and there is no pre-entry - just show up - actually there is no organiser

  • Just one month out from the Six Foot track race, this 36km run is a great excuse to get in some decent training, and a great way to see the route. It's an out and back route, so if you don't want to do all 36km just turn around when ready. This is an old Sydney Striders' favourite training run traditionally run in the lead up to the big race in March from the Megalong Cemetery (at the crossing with Megalong Rd) to the Pluviometer and back. These days it's a real gathering of the clans as Striders still run there, Blue Mountains runners, CoolRunners and the many other runners from Sydney area chose this day to do the run, all together.
  • This is no longer a Six Foot qualifier. However, it's a great opportunity to run the course and chat with some old hands about race day tactics. However, if you are not entering the race, you are most welcome anyway.
  • Megalong is 8km into the Six Foot Track, the Pluviometer is 26km so it's 18km one way and 36km both ways. Map including elevation diagram as follows:
  • You should carry some water. It is a 36km run and it is always hot in February. There is usually some water on the route at the Cox's River Crossing (7km) but you should still carry a bottle as it can't be guaranteed. To confirm - Water at : 7km, 29km. We will not be putting out water at the Pluviometer this year.
  • We will cross the Cox's River as per the Six Foot Track Marathon ie not across the bridge. Feel free to take photos by the bridge though.
Getting to the start - click on blue link for google map
  • The run starts in the Megalong Valley which is at least 1.5hrs drive from Sydney. It starts where the Six Foot Track route crosses the Megalong Valley Rd which is approx 15km from Blackheath - if you know how to read a Google map, the route from Blackheath is shown on this map. If you have not driven to the start before then leave a bit of extra time, the Megalong Valley Rd from Blackheath is very twisting and slow.
  • If you don't have a car - you should be easily able to get a lift down to Megalong from Blackheath from about 6am on the day of the run, just stand by the railway crossing with your thumb out (not the Great Western Highway side) as everyone will drive past you.

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