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Date/time of run : 7am Sunday 4th Feb 2007

  • This 36km is an old Sydney Striders favourite training run. Run from the Megalong Cemetary (at the crossing with Meglaong Rd) to the Pluviometer and back.
  • Megalong is 8km into the Six Foot Track, the Pluviometer is 26km so its 18km one way and 36km both ways.
  • Just one month out from the Six Foot track race, its a great tuner, and a great way to see the route. If you don't want to do all 36km just turn around when ready.
  • You should carry some water. It is a 36km run (and we will have some water at the Pluviometer which is halfway) and there is some water on the route at the Coxs River Crossing (7km) but you should still carry a bottle anyway. To confirm - Water at : 7km, 18km, 29km.
  • If you don't have a car - you will be easily able to get a lift down to Megalong from Blackheath.
  • Probably we will go to a pub in Blackheath for Food and Drink afterwards, as it will be a HOT day for sure.

More details will be published closer to the time.