Phantom Mountain-biker's 2004 12foot Report

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I think I can speak for the 3 MTBers and say you guys are seriously warped. It was a very hard slog ride and I could not imagine running it.

We passed Keiron below Nellies Glen, and he caught us again when we were resting at Cox's river. He took off up the hills and we did not see him again till the Black Range huts where I think he was chatting up a camper's girlfriend. We made it in to Jenolan on 4.45h. And stayed for around 20 mins. Keiron came in just after us and we left together. We elected to head up the road and we met him again at the Binda cabins. We got back off the road where the 6 foot track crosses and did not see him again. We had a pretty easy and quick downhill to the base of the mini-mini saddle. A personal highlight of mine was being drenched by a trailbike hitting a puddle right next to me at speed.

I found the climb out of Cox's river pretty tough and I think I slowed our pace quite a lot.

Nellie's Glen was not fun at all. Just on dark, 99% of your energy gone and Richard bolting out in front like a man possessed. The carry was a hard slog, but we made it the explorer's tree at 10 hours, 35 minutes.