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Take a copy of this page by going into edit and then select-all and copy and then paste it as a template into other runs edit page.


Brief notes

  • Details here.

Date/Time of next run

Details here.

Start Location

Details here.

Finish Location

Details here.

Start Facilities

Details here.


Details here.

Entry Details

Time Limit

None - take as long as you like

Entry Fee


Course Description

Details here.

Sketch Maps

Details here.

Maps & Instructions

Details here.

Aid Summary

As there will no aid supplied, you should carry your own supplies of water and other food. There will be a number of places where food can be bought and drinks obtained. You should also bring along a plastic envelope or something to keep the map dry if it rains or if you sweat heavily.

Route Marking Summary

Details here.

Previous Runnings

Details of previous runnings go here eg previous results, reports, links to photos.