Wayne Gregory's 2006 12foot Report

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I had a really great day (and part of the night) up there at 12 ft.

Despite swapping some emails during the week with T-Bone Tim Turner who assured me that it was going to be a 14-hour or so friendly training run, it was clear from the outset that the Mellum guys were there to go hard.

Of course we knew Spud was going to have big go, which he did in great style; - well done Phil. Next year you'll go sub 11 for sure.

It was a surprise to see Tim & Whippet going hard early also, and I got a bit sucked in by the quick pace, going out much harder than I had planned and trying to keep these guys in range. Turning at Caves house in 5:36, I had a re-appraisal of what I was trying to get out of the day.

Aerobically I was feeling quite good , but decided then & there to go much easier on the return trip. The big descent into Caves House had given me a few sharp & painful reminders that my double dose of PF and heel spurs was still only about 80-90%, soI had to take all the downhills pretty easy. That was a shame, because it's normally the strongest part of my running.

Before nightfall came I had managed to cross and get a few kms past Cox's River on the way back. It was at this time that Lawrence Mead came past me looking nice & strong, a sure sign that he had been maintaining a well judged pace for the whole day.

I began to feel quite low on the section from Cox's River to Megalong Valley Road, with very little running happening. I suspect I had been neglecting my diet in ensuring I reached the river before dark. After tucking into a nice hit of sugars and carbs at the road, where we had all placed some drop bags for the return trip, I immediately picked up again, and enjoyed immensely the final 8km or so section from the road to the finish via Nellies Glen.

In this final section I saw wombats, possums and several owls swooping through the beam of my headlamp. Running through the bush at night - it's an enjoyable experience that is very hard to beat.

It was rewarding to still be going strong at this back end of the run, powering up the single track & staircase without a break, which augurs well for GH in a few weeks. I was quite amused at just how far it is from the top of the staircase to the finish ... I certainly don't recall a half of all that from my previous six ft runs!

Touched the tree in 13:50:52.

Thanks to all who helped out and assisted, your kind input was truly appreciated.

To all the other runners, well done, another testing endeavour accomplished. It's quite a challenging run, and irrespective of finishing times, we all know what it takes, which adds to the respect and affinity we have amongst us weirdos. Just a few weeks and we'll all go around again - unreal!