What Fat Ass Is And Is Not

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What it is

FAT ASS is the name given to a series of low key runs that are frequented by experienced runners & walkers and characterised by the phrase "No Fees, No Awards, No Aid, No Wimps". Yes, the runs are totally free to enter and are put on by passionate runners who are also running. Think of it as a bit like meeting some people for a bushwalk - except it's a run. Because the runs are not races in any sense, there is no guarantee of anything other than a course to run (maps and directions will be provided). There are no course marshalls, and no course markers, and you should not expect any aid either. They are an exercise in self-help, and as such experienced runners only should come and join us - they are not intended for beginning runners.

What it is not

Fat Ass runs are not running races as such, and they are not public events. It's more like a fun day out. Some people may record times but this is not the prime objective. If you are looking for a running race then there are heaps of real ones to choose from.


The bottom line is that we have had enough of not having enough runs to compete in, of the type that we are passionately interested in - and it seems to be getting fewer and fewer all the time in the Sydney area ! The objective is put on low key runs, generally long distance, across mainly bush and hills so that we don't have to travel interstate to run. Sydney has great terrain and climate for running and it is a shame that there are so few runs. We are putting on this series of runs, to have fun and get fit. We should state here that we have taken some cues from the (now defunct) Marathon-A-Month Club based in Texas, USA, of which we both think is just fantastic - they displayed everything on their webpage, including all the logistics so that it would be easy for other people to copy what they were doing. We will also carefully check the current race calendars Ultra and NSW) and put on our type of runs when there are none, either for fun in their own right or as stepping stones to Big Ones. It would be great to have an Ultra or Marathon a month in the Sydney area.