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Lost Worlds of Kuringai - A Fat Ass Run
General Info :This run was held for the first time on 26th August 2000, and we have not set a date yet for the next opportunity to do this again as a run, although you are welcome to download the maps and do it yourself as a training run.

Some more general info is here

Results :26th August 2000

Sketch Map :Sketch Map including route description is here.

This is will be distributed on the day but you can download it here now :
 Download the sketch/summary as a word-97 file (602Kb) (Version: Sunday, 11-May-2003 03:50:27 CDT )

Full Map & Instructions: These will be distributed on the day but you can view it here now :
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

 Download the detailed map as a word-97 file (3.6Mb) (Version: Sunday, 11-May-2003 03:38:06 CDT )

Aid Summary :As there will no aid supplied, you should carry at least one water bottle. Luckily there are reasonably frequent water taps (5km-10km) and even a few opportunities to buy coke/ juice/ food making it very feasible to run unsupported by crew.

Route Marking Summary :As there will no track markings for the race whatsoever, you should pick up a FREE! map of the course at the start, or purchase your own. If you come off track, look at your map and work out the best way to get back on route.

You should also bring along a plastic envelope or something to keep the map dry if it rains or if you sweat heavily.

Intending Runners :If you have read the introduction about Fat Ass runs and the waiver that you MUST sign and are still keen to run then email me

Further Information

no fees, no awards, no aid, no wimps
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