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CoolRunning RSS Syndication
CoolRunning RSS Syndication

This page describes the RSS Syndication features of CoolRunning (what is RSS ? and RSS FAQ). There are 2 reasons why you might be interested in this topic:

1) If you own or maintain a website, you can now add a "What's new at CoolRunning" section that is like a live feed of news from CoolRunning directly to your website.

2) If you current use RSS newsreader software, like Feedster, Bloglines, Syndic8, FeedDemon or even My Yahoo (if you use Yahoo and have configured it) then you can now add a CoolRunning Australia channel.

If this doesn't interest you then no worries, it best to move off elsewhere.

Our Feed
Our feed is the list of 15 most recently added items as per our homepage. It is therefore updated on average a couple of times per day.


If you own or maintain a website
If you own or maintain a website, then you can add a "What's new at CoolRunning" section to your website. The easiest way to do this is to just copy this code into the html of your website:

Copy and Paste this:

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>

<noscript> <a href="">View RSS feed</a> </noscript>

You will then see:

It has been designed so that it will look ok when placed on your background colours. You can put this into a table to restrict the width, or manipulate it somehow else to get a result to blend in with your site.

A small request
If you do add a CoolRunning "feed" to your site then please let us know and we will link to it from here, as a "showcase".

Showcase of CoolRunning RSS Feeds

Advanced Users

  • If your webpage uses stylesheets to format the output and you want the feed to use the same style, just set the class rss_item to the attributes you want.
  • If you maintain a website and don't want to use the icon above, or want total control over the appearance, then you can manipulate the RSS feed output yourself, by using any software tools that work with RSS Feeds. Some examples are : Feed2JS, AtomEnabled and more and even YahooMore

If you use RSS newsreader software
If you already use RSS newsreader software then you will know how to add the feed URL above to the software. If you don't use RSS newsreader software, then check out the following links for more info on the technology: Feedster, Bloglines, Syndic8, FeedDemon or even My Yahoo, Userland RSS central, RSS weblog

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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