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It's About Running And Life Vs Life And Running

Posted by plu , 22 June 2010 · 821 views

Hi all,

Tim wrote this good post on his blog and got me thinking.  

Here is what Tim wrote about Freedom from and Freedom for


I have been reading a book called 'Freedom' by 'osho'.  The book kind of gave me the shits but there was a part where he talked about 'freedom from' v 'freedom for'.

It struck me that is often where I have problems.  Well let me explain what I take the above terms to mean.  When I say mean I am talking about what they mean to me, you may have a totally different take on it.

Say we are a container.  I like to, at the moment fill my container with vodka and food.  Now I have been thinking this is not the best long term plan and have been trying to eat and drink less.  Basically emptying the vodka and food from my container.  I have freedom from the alcohol but now I am empty. To remain this way I have to rely on shear discipline.  This usually ends in failure.  And then my cup runneth over both literally and figuratively.

Same deal but instead of emptying my container I fill it with running.  I have a freedom for running.  As I keep filling myself with my running there is less room for the vodka and food.  Of course I am talking about over indulgence regarding the food.  I am never empty and I have not really given up anything.  I just drink and eat less which is what i would like.

This is probably really basic but I wanted to try to write it down to clarify my own thoughts.

He got me thinking about the byline for my blog for over five years " Its about running and life"  though sometimes you may have noticed it can read  "It's about life and running"

In fact Tim you  gave me freedom "to" do this:
Posted Image

My life for 26 years has revolved around running.  It has opened up so many opportunities for me: physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing, a venue to hone my ICT skills which I apply in my professional life, opportunities to met and be friends with so many wonderful people and like tonight deep philosophical moments.  

I substituted Tim's freedom from and freedom for in  the circle diagram I created  for life and running in my case and I got insight.

Yes sometimes running dominates my life and other times life dominates my running and I can go through emotional highs and lows like but when they are together ( two equal circles within each other) - my life is bliss.

Thanks Tim.

cheers  Plu

cool :)

and my pleasure.

I like your diagrams on your smiggle pad :o
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