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First race completed of 2018

Posted by Injured2010 , 15 January 2018 · 6,402 views

Well, I am off an running :-)

Not the greatest of starts but after a lack of training I am pleased to have ran 10:48 for a 3k leg on flat XC course.  I started off quick, possibly too quick but it is hard to judge pace when you are chasing people.  My legs just hadn't enough recent miles in them or any kind of speed work for over 3 month (accept 1 session this week) to expect anything else.

Splits were 3:25, 3:43, 3:35 & 2:49 pace for the last 21m so a bit of a mixed bag and at 3:34 slower than my target 10 mile pace!

Things can only improve
All I need is 6-8 weeks of solid training, and to lose at least 6kg and without a doubt my times will improve.  My left Achilles was a little sore but I have applied ICE and it is reacting well so I feel confident this is the beginning of some solid blocks of training, as long as I manage myself well.

There is a long way to go but happy with my start to 2018 under the circumstances.

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