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Doing the things that athletes do!

Posted by Injured2010 , 05 February 2018 · 6,810 views

In my quest to one day call myself an athlete I am continously trying to improve how I train.

Ultimately my biggest risk is managing injuries! Reducing injuries, and dare I say eliminating injuries!

This is why I look at training rather than just running. I am completing a regular S&C session every week.  I started this with a PT when I wasn't doing a long run but now I have added long runs again, I am pleased to do this S&C after a long run.  It isn't ideal but travelling Mondays and Fridays mean I need to adjust my training accordingly.

I just need to add another regular good S&C midweek to really improve!

Today is the start of logging a food diary as I think I might be consuming too many calories, and not seeing the full benefit of my training.  It doesn't mean I will be rigid with my eating, but I do need to be more mindful of my fuel intake.

So, my current focus is continue with my running but add in another regular S&C plus become more aware of nutrition.

Adding these behaviours will see me taking a big step towards becoming an athlete.

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