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A good team of people will bring success

Posted by Injured2010 , 01 April 2018 · 5,776 views

I am writing this now, at a time I have achieved nothing so when I do I can look back on my journey, and see the key moments that took me to where I want to go.

Taking up running as an older runner, and then having a 3 year break from the sport hasn't helped but I know that if I follow the process I will become the runner/athlete I want to be.  Last year wasn't a great year, I was plagued by a few injuries in the second half of the year, and even this year I have managed an Achilles problem, but this is improving every day.

Now, this is where I feel my approach, which is to think and behave like a top athlete will help me.  There have been 6 key people I have worked with to get me where I am.  These range from online coaching, track coaching, S&C coaching including nutritional advice, physiotherapist, masseuse.

When I look back, I am sure I will attribute my success to working with a good team of people, and be especially grateful to the ones who are currently pushing me outside of my comfort zone.  I am naturally a person who pushes but I think I push to a limit, having people to remove those limits is going to make a big difference.

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