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T minus 49 weeks

Posted by richardegg , 08 October 2017 · 16,552 views

Have decided to give marathons another go but this time I'm setting more realistic goals.

Rather than train for something within the realm of a normal training program length (20 weeks or so) I'm giving myself a full year in which to get into shape, train properly and conservatively, with a view to cracking 4hrs at Sydney in 2018.

For now I'm rebuilding my sub-10K base. This year hasn't been the best for running. Had a nasty groin strain, coupled with a total of 13kg weight gain due to a junk food addiction.

I will keep to a sub-10K base until I can comfortably crack the 10K/60 minute milestone - then I'll start training for and doing Half Marathons. Again, if/when I can comfortably crack Half Marathon in a similar pace, Then I'll be ready to train for a full.

I have already entered in a Half Marathon at the end of February in Orange. Working backwards, I'd like to give myself at least 12 weeks to train for that off a solid base. So as such I'd need to reach the first goal of 10K/60 min by December 1. This is 7.5 weeks away, so I think this is attainable. I did a 60:10 at Forbes today, but that was going full tilt, under ideal conditions of a cool, damp day, zero wind and a flat course.

At the core of this is to resolve my junk food addiction. I shall be engaging much more frequently with my therapist, as well as other addiction/eating disorder support services.

Dec 14 2017 09:09 PM
That's great!  How's the training going so far? I have a friend who has signed up for a marathon in April 2018.. He's been relentlessly training, despite working full time as well. I guess he'd have given himself 6 months to get in shape for it.  Fingers crossed for both of you, that illness nor injury ruin the dream.  Even if worst came to worst there are always other marathons to enter.  Word of advice... quit the junk food. You can be healthy on the outside, but not so on the inside.  It's true that you are what you eat.  Your whole body is made up of cells and each cell is a little factory, if you don't supply the right goods to those factories, they cannot operate efficiently.  If you clog up your arteries and tax your liver the blood that delivers the nutrients and oxygen is compromised.  Part of your training plan should be eating right. Only you can make that decision and see it through however.
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So am I. After treatment my tubercolosis I've register a marathon on next December. I stick to marathon trainning plan and feel good now. Hope I can do it!

Here is some of my gear (i'm living in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city) I'm using for tracking and improve while training:
fitness tracker: Xiaomi Amazfit Bip review
shoes: danh gia Bitis Hunter X
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