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First AV run - Jells Park relays, being a bloke for the day

Posted by antracing , 21 April 2012 · 1,435 views

I decided to run the AV winter series this year as I'm not needed for Max's footy anymore (though I plan to go to a goodish number of his home games at Woodside) and it sounded like a nice social thing as well as good for my running.  Turns out that is quite true and just back from a good day out.  I took the Harriers president with me so got a lot of informative chat on the club etc among general conversation, very good.

Jells Park is a beautiful urban park alongside the Dandenong Creek, with a lovely lake, plenty of bike paths and picnic areas etc, good bushy carparks etc.  The 6 km run was on mown grass, quite unusual for me to set foot on let alone run on.  I was the 4th member of the second mens team (although I ran third position).  My time of 35 mins 15 secs was 2 mins slower than my Thursday run, and 2 mins slower than the next slowest runner in the team, but not a disgrace.  Less rebound on the grass I suppose.  I ran well the 1st lap but couldn't sustain it (16 mins) for the second lap, but at least I had a taste of running a bit quicker and fitness should keep improving.  There were 12 of us in our black team outfits (very hot in this burst of warm sunny weather), and it was very friendly and supportive , so all I need to do now is get my seasons ticket and there should be another 9 very nice Saturdays over the winter.  The runs get progressively longer, finishing with the Burnley half marathon , then the Melbourne marathon.

The zero drop Altra Lone Peaks did very well, most comfortable and legs feel good.  So nice to be out of the other conventional shoes with all the wedges and heel cushions needed to keep the shins and achilles happy.  I had a slight blister on Thursday with the Intuitions , so changed to the Lone Peaks just for the change and also popped a bit of Fixomul tape over the heel.  No problems at all.

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