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Nice twilight run to finish week

Posted by antracing , 22 April 2012 · 411 views

I always like to do a good run on Sunday if no other activities get in the way.  So headed off for a 9.1 km , did it in 1 hr 15 mins, practised better form, tried to lift the heels up more as I saw so many runners do yesterday.  Along with engaging the hips, keeping the cadence up and good knee lift and softish midfoot landing, I seemed to zip home quite well.  Quite dark by the time I finished.

Total km this week = 44.57  ; YTD = 419.33.  Last week did 26.44 km.

Son played quite well at footy yesterday, although team trounced (he's in backline so would have been near the ball all the time).  But went home with friend up at Carrajung and on way home rolled his little Datsun Sunny and totalled it.  He walked out unhurt thank heavens, he found about the only safeish place on Old Carrajung Rd to roll without a huge drop off and/or big trees.  Hopefully he has learned a big lesson.  Back on public transport for a while now.  Horrible shock for me too.

Oh no!!
Your worst nightmare, for sure.
Knowing that area he has got out of it very lightly.
That is the best sort of lesson, where he does not have to pay too high a price - pity about the little sunny, tho.
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Yes the Sunny was so cute, it is amazing how much it got smashed in on grass and dirt.  Max was pretty shaky after the accident so I think it made a big impression despite him getting out unhurt.
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