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Cold, wet, exhilarating run

Posted by antracing , 24 April 2012 · 288 views

It was nice and sunny this morning at milking and I thought I'd better not waste time getting out running afterwards if I wanted nice weather (forecast dire).  But I did take a little while to get going with the result that the rain started after about 15 minutes of running.  The running kept me warm but the arms and legs were very red and feeling in hands slowly disappeared.  There was quite a wind so plenty of chill factor and the air itself was straight off the Southern Ocean, very cold.  So I kept moving and had a lovely run.  10.51 km in 1 hr 17 mins, Pace = 7.22; Speed = 8.1.  Not bad for a run up the hill in the pines.  Did a stride on way home : 215 m in 51 sec; Pace = 3.58; Speed= 15.1, best ever!

Just realising that the feet need to flick up a bit as I run seems to have unlocked another bit of the secret of running , faster and the other elements like a slight lean forward seem to fall into place too.  Speed certainly seems to be improving and a lighter feel across the ground.

When I got home was totally saturated, hands frozen , hard to get shoes and sox off, grabbed some towels and stripped off in front of fire, short shower to thaw then got the fires going to warm the house a bit.  Winter has decided to give us an early visit in Gippsland today.

Not looking forward to venturing out in 35 mins to milk at Tap Tap, but, such is life and at least I have had a lovely run on a rather unlovely day.

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