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Cyber Bully

CoolRunning is a Forum for Runners and newbies alike to come together to share knowledge, gears,  pre/post races thoughts and running in General. While a little bit of bantering or "friendly Rivalry" can be good fun and often in good humor, instances of cyberbullying has often come across my mind.

While I fortunately have not been on the receiving end of the treatment, I have other CR who unfortunately been treated with great due of dis-respecting, twisting and turning every bits of their words. (AND certainly, I have had that reported to the Admin)

So where do we draw the line between what we post online? Is it ok that we stand behind our Avatar and stand to bombard another because we can? And there are no consequences? What role does Admin do? And what do they stand in Coolrunning "Consitution" of a form of "bully" against "another" ??

I am keen to hear from both the Administrator and other CRs.


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