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Medical Advice On Coolrunning

Haven't looked   at CR forums  for ages! Man this is a long thread  !
2 years ago went to a Doctor after suspecting torn knee cartilage, was given anti-inflammatories and he didn't even touch knee or get me to move my knee.
Came back 10 days later asking if I could get a scan and I knew Doctor couldn't order am  MRI so got the CT scan then came back again. At my insistence got a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon who then ordered the MRI and confirmed the problem.
My gut feeling plus following advice I read on Forums steered me in right direction.
Surgeon fixed the root of problem but then left me  to fend for myself as that's what they leave you to do.
All manner of advice on shoes  by experts and ended up reading lots of forums and magazines and decided to try zero drop shoes, after surgery I couldn't run the same, my style needed to load the knee a bit less. Shoes are heaps better !
I do okay but I know I am not 21 (49), have done 3 marathons plus a 50 k and heaps of shorter events since my injury.
Long story short I think the forums are invaluable, like finding the right medical person you need to sort out the good from the not so good and think of multiple possibilities including some not profit motivated. Love the forums !


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