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GNW100s - 2013

I only recently finished this write up of my GNW 100  2013! Sorry it's taken so long.
Originally i placed it at the end of the GNW thread but I've tried to put all 3 parts into one place this time.....

Part 1-  http://runbunarun.wo...00-2013-part-1/

Part 2-  http://runbunarun.wo...gnw-100-2013-3/

Part 3-  http://runbunarun.wo...the-final-part/

Thanks for the awesome organisation from Dave Byrnes and his team as well as the punishing but beautiful experience!
“You’ll think you’re going too slowly at the beginning, go slower”
Our crewman Luke Martin’s words of caution rang loud and clear in my head as we prepared to leave Teralba on the first leg of our GNW 100 mile journey.
The Great North Walks 100s, ‘Australia’s Toughest Trail Runs’ are two races that run a section of the 260km full route. Its popularity has increased in recent years and it was a relief when we both heard back to say we’d been successful in getting a starting number. The 104km and the 109mile races (yes, just for “fun”, they are both more than a bit over) had just under the 185 runner’s (a few DNS) this year.


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