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Sydney/Beaches Ultra Pub Crawl [event?]

Ultramarathon-pub crawl featuring some of Sydney's best bars and beers with a karaoke finale. Prizes, bragging rites, fancy dress? no fees, no expectations no way of knowing where we might end up. What's not to like!?

During some casual long fun runs over the Australian summer, often during the middle of this 30-40 degree heatwave days, I found myself calling into various bottle shops along my random way, grabbing myself an ale or two for refreshment. And then an idea was born!  Why not actually plan out an ultra-distance fun run pub crawl through Sydney/Beaches/Central Coast?

Legal issues.

What are the legal implications, if any, and most importantly how to sidestep or avoid them,  of an individual coming up with an idea like this, planning a route, setting a date, arranging for participant medal/beer, recognition finishers prize etc. then seeing how many people turn up and make it a bit of a laugh and a run and some beers?

It would be free to participate in.  
I'd do some sort of roll call at he outset.
The bars/cafes.bottle-os would be RV checkpoints.
There might be a very loose cut-off point fort each pub, subject to text comms and people communicating.
THere'd be a finish point. (I really fancy a karaoke bar finish, for what better crescendo to a pub ultra than some really 'awesome' singing!)

I might be over thinking it, but then I've never arranged anything of this kind, and just wanted to make sure that I'm not opening myself and anyone else up to some awful legal/insurance pitfall.

I posted the idea originally over on SUFR via Facebook and there's been a few keen responses, so if anyone's keen and can help brainstorm these initial points, please let me know. GIven the amount of unofficial training runs etc. that take place I'm sure there's just a simple format that keeps everything above board etc.



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