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The longest run they've done with me is 8k.  Mind you Midnight runs up and back a lot so he probably does a couple of extra ks every time we run.   Whereas Bear can get a bit lazy and stop and wait for us to come back his way!  They just love it, so when I'm doing a long run I take them out for a few ks then drop them home and pretend I'm going out, drive the car up the road and run from there.  As you can see Bear is quite large and there isn't a fence that can keep him in if he decides he wants to get out to join me!  :)

View PostMalleegirl, on 15 March 2019 - 06:41 AM, said:

I love this thread...my running buddies!  They know when I'm going running and whine until I get out the door to start.   A925D2CA-B2D5-4FD8-AD88-0B61615C1A85.jpeg

How far will they go?  I suppose there are exceptions but my impression is the little dogs (like my JR) usually are more suited to the shorter endurance distances e.g. 5km rather than the much longer runs at which mid-sized dogs seem to do better?


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