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Nail The Can

Posted by Gronk , 05 May 2009 - - - - - - · 288 views

Nail Can Hill Race 11.3km

This was my 3rd Nail Can Hill and probably my most enjoyable. I flew down on Saturday morning and was collected by my good mate J who has a property in Jindera, north of Albury. We spent the day catching up, chopping up a dead tree and chasing after sheep and chooks. There is a huge part of this city slicker who has a...


Long Bay Hilton

Posted by Gronk , 19 April 2009 - - - - - - · 436 views

25km | LSD

Whilst a constellation of CoolRunners were in our nation's capital doing the hard yards, I set out early this morning in the pouring rain for a flat fun out to the jail and back.

My legs were buggered at the end and I was pretty tired, but I guess that I was running on an empty tummy and drinking water only. Might have to start...


Coastal Path

Posted by Gronk , 13 April 2009 - - - - - - · 270 views

22km | LSD

I've been away for a bit an spent some time up the coast. I've been running every day or so but only had one long run because of a combination of time restraints and laziness.

Yesterday I squeezed in a nice run down to Coogee and home via the Coastal Path and Rose Bay. I'm feeling stronger and dare I say fitter that I have...


Rain, Rain Go Away ...

Posted by Gronk , 03 April 2009 - - - - - - · 411 views

Thursday 2 April

7km | easy

Argh, still raining. With this my "easy" week I decided just to do an out and back to Hyde Park. A nice undulating route which certainly sapped my energy levels. It's amazing how I can run circa 20km on a Saturday but struggle to run 7km after a day driving a desk for 11 hours. Runs like that,...


Camp Cove

Posted by Gronk , 29 March 2009 - - - - - - · 536 views

19km | LSD

I slept in a tad yesterday morning. The kids were remarkably silent (which usually means they are up to no good, LOL) and I didn't wake until a little before 8.00am. Batteries fully charged and a shot of expresso later, I was primed for a run. I decided to run out to Watsons Bay and see what was out there for the runner. I knew it was...


Long Time ...

Posted by Gronk , 27 March 2009 - - - - - - · 403 views

9km | Easy

.. no update. Just for Jen. It's OK, I've been running. Just not blogging all that much. Hey I'm a very busy and important person, you know. *cough*

Anyway, I've been out and about. Banked a 18km last Saturday and spent Sunday hobbling around the house with rock hard cramping calves. I do this from time to time. I wake up...


Slap Slip Slop

Posted by Gronk , 07 March 2009 - - - - - - · 408 views

Sat 7th March

16km | LSD

This morning I had to fit in a run before B10's cricket started. So with the game kicking off at 8.00am @ Queens Park I headed out before the kookaburras woke towards the City, down to Central and then back up to Randwick. Twisted the ankle on a tree root heading up Cleavland St, but it sorted itself out pretty...


Go Ask Alice

Posted by Gronk , 02 March 2009 - - - - - - · 300 views

12km | easy

I didn't run last Thursday. I had a mammoth day in the office and basically arrived home late with tight shoulders and neck and half a migrane. The last thing I felt like was running. Instead I spent the time on the floor stretching whilst I listened to G7 read me passages of Through the Looking Glass. The stretching worked good...



Posted by Gronk , 25 February 2009 - - - - - - · 381 views

5km | soft sand

I arrived at Bondi last night around 9.00pm. It was quite gusty with winds from the south which made it tough going heading into the wind towards Icebergs.

There were two others running and they both seemed to be running like they were on grass. One guy I think lapped me twice over the time I 5 laps !

My left achilles hurt a...


Big Boat Run

Posted by Gronk , 21 February 2009 - - - - - - · 313 views

14km | LSD

After a little sleep in I ran up through Darling Point to Elizabeth Bay, Woolloomooloo to the Quay. Nothing flash about it, just plodding along.

When I arrived at the Quay the Acadia was there to greet me. Nice dingy that.

No niggles to report. A bit more in the bank...

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