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Thursday, Week 1

Posted by Rell , 24 July 2008 · 390 views

So the last few days I have been feeling really great, and leaving the gym this morning after taking my usual 6.15am spin class made me wonder why we don't stick to it more often because how I feel at the moment is exactly what I want to be feeling ALL the time.  For the last 5 days (well since last saturday) I have been sticking to my plan both with exercise and with diet and I feel great, so why would I do anything like eat crap or take a day off the exercise when I know I will feel better afterwards and get stronger and healthier from it?  Who knows really, but this post is all about how good I feel and how I want to stick to this plan for the entire 12 weeks and see what amazing results will come of it.  There is no way that I can't improve dramatically and achieve my goals if I stick to the plan 100%.  Of course there will be days where I go a bit outside the usual diet plan etc. due to going out for dinner or having a few wines etc. but this will be part of the course and use this as a reward for all the hard work.  The key is to keep everything in moderation and I AM NOT going to have any big eating junk sessions over this twelve weeks - I just will not allow it!!  PERIOD.  I want to experience the feeling of achieving that goal at the end, I want the strong fit and healthy body that will be able to achieve both the Half Marathon and ATB bike ride in October.  I am determined to do it, and nothing in the plan I have at the moment is unrealistic.
Another key is to keep injury free...I went for my run on Wednesday and although the leg muscles were sore the injury pain didn't come back in the shins - well apart from a little twinge that lasted about 10second so I kept going.  I will stop if I feel the wrong type of pain, but it is important that I won't just stop and do nothing - I have to keep up the exercise and if I need to change from the program then I have to either go for a walk, do a deep water running class or a core session in all cases.  As I said, I am determined to listen to my body and achieve this goal.  It is going to be great.
I know I am only in week one and don't want to get ahead of myself, but it feels good and I am happy at the moment with how it is going.  I love being fit and healthy!
Have done one spin class and weights this morning, and have one more class to go.  The new program I have is great and I can feel the abs already so I know it will make a difference.  I love the core work and think that it will help with my running and goal of losing the weight and body fat too as I won't be bulking up with the heavier weights.  Anyway, all is good and still on track.

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