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Wasp Bite -> Achilles Tendonitis?Help meeeeeee!

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Posted 03 March 2011 - 08:08 PM

Ive only been running a couple of years, completed a few half marathons, marathons, glasshouse mountains runs (50km) etc, so Im not a complete newbie but far from an experienced runner, more the weekend hack. I pretty much never get injured, I once a rolled my ankle off a footpath in the dark but thats it UNTIL last Sunday.

Went out for a 16km run and about 500m in a wasp flew past and stung me on the back of the left leg halfway between calf and heel, hurt as much as a wasp sting does and didnt think much of it and kept running, felt fine apart from the occasional sting from the area. Right at the end of my run (I did have a quick final Km surge aswell) I felt a sudden sharp pain from the area which immediately reduced me to a walk/hobble. Iced the area and noticed a small amount of swelling and redness but I put that down to the sting. Rest of the day the area was a bit sore but I figured it was still the sting. Next morning woke up and the area wasnt swollen but felt tight so I took a rest day, Tuesday morning was still a little tight but I headed out for 8km and with less than 1km to go I felt a similar sudden sharp pain so I immediately stopped and walked home, iced etc and rested. Its now Thursday night and I havent run on it since Tuesday morning but the area is still tight and tender (especially first thing in the morning and straight after icing). Its not so bad that I couldn't run on it if I had to but I'm too scared incase I turn a small problem into a big one.

Family budget is way too tight to allow trips to sports physio's to help with 'such a silly hobby that already takes up too much family time'. But another friendly runner I know tells me he thinks that the bite might have swollen the area and while I ran it put strain on the achilles tendon, which has developed into actue tendonitis??? I tried to read my way throught the Achillies Tendonidis thread but that think is like a huge maze and found myself lost in a lot of very unfamiliar terms quite quickly.  

Any advice, tips etc for a cheapskate weekend hack? Im was training towards a 50km in 10 weeks and a half marathon not long after that, but my main goal for the year is that I'm hoping to attack 100km at glasshouse in Sept

Thanks in advance.

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