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Walker Takes Bare Essentials

Walker Takes Bare Essentials

I found a newspaper clipping amongst a whole pile of papers, and thought that I would share it around. If anyone has any more information, like "Did he complete the walk ?" then please email us.

Victor Flanagan is walking across Australia, naked and barefoot. But in a small concession to sensitive souls and the law, he wraps himself in a sarong when he passes through "civilisation". With only Rainbow the dog for company, a thin bedroll to sleep on, a plat and a waterbottle, Victor has already covered more than 3000km.

The 44 year old West Australian is trekking from Perth to Sydney via Uluru, Adelaide and Melbourne. He said he was getting in touch with nature. And nature has given him a warm welcome. Yesterday, with the temperature 39C in whatever shade was around, Victor was walking along the highway about 80km from Port Augusta on his way down from Coober Pedy and Woomera.

Victor's bare body has startled the odd busload of tourists, but a policeman who caught up with him in the Northern Territory told him to cover up at appropriate times.

He said when a second car-load of Police caught up with him recently, he expected to be told again to put on some clothes. But the officers just wanted to take photos of him.

Victor does most of his trekking barefoot, wearing thongs only when the bitumen is particulary stony. He walks all day, with no sunscreen or hat. He lives on "bush tucker", money from recycling discarded cans or whatever he can find. Passing travellers rarely hesitate to give him some food or water. "When I get hungry I hold out my plate and when I get thirsty I hold out my bottle for me and my dog" he said.

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