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Another Dress Rehearsal

Another Dress Rehearsal

Article by: Michael Selman

Reproduced with permission of the author
The alarm went off at 4:35, because my next performance is on Saturday morning, at 9AM sharp. This morning was another dress rehearsal. I dragged myself out of bed, dressed the part I am playing in the big show, and went out to practice my lines.

The backdrop today was constellations, a sliver of moon, and a dampness in the cool air. The performance itself will be under the brightest of lights, but today was just practice. The whole time, I wondered how Saturday's production will go. So much goes into each gig. Once completed, the ovation you receive is primarily your own, but it does not deminish all that has gone in to it.

As I practiced my part this morning, I was thinking of the last big event. It went well, but still left me with a feeling of wanting to perform just a little bit better the next time. Thus, the dress rehearsals, as the one this morning. In five short days, I will again take center stage, and perform to the best of my ability. The butterflies never deminish, no matter how many appearences you make. The purpose never wanes, no matter how many dress rehearsals you conduct.

By nature, we have a strong need to be entertained. That's why there are so many sports to play and watch, so many channels to view, so many resorts to visit. And that's another reason we run. The entertainment value of running is what keeps some of us involved. We simply love to run, and compete with ourselves, as well as others. And we maximize our merriment by entering races, and doing what we love to do. Another dress rehearsal.

Our main audience is ourselves. Sometimes, millions of viewers line the streets. Other times, we perform before no one. But we are always doing it for ourselves, and for our own personal entertainment. And Saturday, at 9AM, another curtain will be lifted with the sound of a gun, or maybe someone just yelling Ready....Set...Go.

However it starts, it will be over soon thereafter. Then we will know that all those alarms at 4:35 were well worth it. As the final curtain falls, our performance is done. Whether we are happy with our performance or not, it's so funny how quickly we start thinking of our next dress rehearsal, and our next big show.

We need that kind of entertainment. Let the show begin.

Michael Selman
Roads Scholar
Atlanta Georgia USA
Michael Selman is a freelance writer who has appeared in publications and web sites throughout the world, including Runner's World, Footnotes, and CoolRunning.

Michael has published many other articles on running and his personal experiences in the Thoughts of a Roads Scholar. Feel free to E-mail him at

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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