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The Robert Frost Trail

The Robert Frost Trail

Article by: Michael Selman

Reproduced with permission of the author

Whose trails these are, I do not know.
I know I need to run them, though.
The sight of deer, the sounds of birds
Whatever else the path will show ?

The breezes gently brush my hair.
A damp earth smell is everywhere.
I give my head a hearty shake
A month ago, these trees were bare.

The life within the forest grows.
Amazing feats of nature show
A different trail than those before.
A trail of dreams. Do I dare go ?

To follow dreams. I heed the call.
So what if I must trip and fall.
To try and fail has no regrets.
But never to attempt at all ?

A trail less traveled brightly glows.
A trail I must go down, I know.
And miles to run before I go.
And miles to run before I go.

Michael Selman
Roads Scholar
Atlanta Georgia USA
Michael Selman is a freelance writer who has appeared in publications and web sites throughout the world, including Runner's World, Footnotes, and CoolRunning.

Michael has published many other articles on running and his personal experiences in the Thoughts of a Roads Scholar. Feel free to E-mail him at

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