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Sutherland To Surf - Doing right by the runners

Sutherland To Surf - Doing right by the runners

August 2001

There has been a letter sent to The Right Track, the execllent NSW-based running magazine and fixtures list :

".. To the Right Track,
On Sunday I ran my 17th and last Sutherland to Surf! For $20/$25 the runner gets S.F.A. Not even an orange quarter at the finish. Clothing bags dumped on a rainy hillseide - $2 for the bus ride (Randwick Rugby Runners put on a free bus ride from the 8km finish for about 20 people!) and coffee and biscuits. Fishers Ghost and Eagle Vale give everyone a T-shirt. Woodstock and WDJ&H fruit and coffee. Sri Chinmoy cereals and fruit. Sutherland to Surf with a proudly displayed list of sponsors - zilch! The only good things about it now are the downhill course and the runners and walkers enthusiasm and good fellowship. Felt I had to get that off my chest! (Name and Address supplied) .."

Any other runners of the Sutherland to Surf out there to either back this view or do you feel they cater for runners ... Read comments here or post your own!

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