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Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Article by: by Sherryl Nash

Reproduced with permission of the author

You've seen 'em at races recently. I know you have, because I have seen 'em too. They're there and they're copping an attitude. They spit when they pass you in the race.

You've seen 'em, you've been 'em. You've copped an attitude too. You are the guy that shuffles in front of me stealthily, beating me with small unmerciful gestures that are not directed my way.

You're the one taking water and checking the watch as you run by me. I just pause and take a moment when I see you. Hmm. Running is mental.

I cop no attitude. I either have it or I bail. BAIL HEARTILY is my motto. If you choose to bail, do it with a flourish. Let the big boys with those three dollar attitudes shine you. Me? I just do my deal and am happy draggin' that butt of mine across the road in some semblance of a pre-established cadence. Be happy, drag butt in high fashion with aplomb.

Be riveted on your own performance. Don't worry about the hayseeds looking to defeat you on sheer will alone, not to mention calf circumference. Enjoy your trek. It's really not all about the journey as they say, but enjoy it anyway. Just be at the destination when you get there, not before. That's the key. Don't bail when you are within a mile of finishing. Look to the core concept. Finish steady. Relax - run steady.

Constantly and continually over project that which you know you are capable of achieving. How many times do we sit and visualize this sort of vast performance? I think it's indicated. It's time to launch a brave motif. Dwell for a change on the possibility of doing well. Brave the ensuing storm. Endure the setbacks of various ailments and rise completely and overwhelmingly above those trivial banal little aches and pains.

Soar. Achieve.

Forget about winning against the attitude coppers. Let them have their silent treatment. You, just be a glad-hander. Wave and thank everyone copiously. A person thankful to be there, reveling in the moment and loving life every step of the way. The smiley-est person in the bunch.

Do this, and forsake the opponents' deal on your head. Enjoy the fact that you are beating yourself every day. No more, no less, just like golf. Are we here with a lot of people or is the game all about our individual performance? Ask yourself this question repeatedly and see what your psyche answers. Is it a game of inches? Play it.

Be like my friend Bob Wilmot and stretch. Even if it means you look strange to the volunteers and they watch you with unwavering gaze - STRETCH... enjoy before and after the body beautiful.

Think only salient thoughts, such as "Have I had enough salt today?" Think only thoughts that enable you to get past those who desire to beat you. Visualize your own Personal Best in the event. Try to put on a couple of nice horse blinders to the pomp and the circumstance of everyone else's race, and do it for yourself.

Don't be swept along in the tsunami of people trying to prove themselves. Prove something to yourself, and that is what the game is about. Prove you are a winner to yourself and let everyone else be darned (PG rating on the verbage), regardless of 360th place or whatever you finish. Just revel in the being. Revel in the cause. Revel in your legs' concept of auto-pilot. Be thankful for every moment that you get to play against yourself.

May you float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Sherryl Nash
Dallas, USA

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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