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Seasonal Message 2002

Seasonal Message 2002

Within our culture it has become traditional, that at the end of one year, we look forward to the next as part of a new beginning. No one is perfect and there are so many ways to improve.

Many of our readers are already looking forward to what goals they will set for 2003 but before we do that, I would to thanks the following helpers on the CoolRunning website.


We do not have a full time staff nor office, and s special part of CoolRunning is that all the people that work on the site are mad keen runners themselves, and they squeeze this time in between their jobs, families and other commitments.

Firstly, Andrew Wear, from Melbourne has spent A LOT of time helping to bring you the news and Victorian Events to the calendar. His help has been fantastic.

All the people that have paid for their websites to be hosted on CoolRunning, and in particular the people that have advertised - you have all kept this website afloat. Our costs are now quite high due to our size and this requires cold hard cash to keep us going. I feel quite proud that all our advertisers actually read the website and are runners themselves or people who organise races.

Other helpers have been the evergreen Doug Fry, from Canberra, who slaves over media releases for the WebWatch email newslettter.

A big help has been Mick Corlis, from Canberra, putting together the ACT Calendar, and being a big help on a number of other websites, including the Australian Mountain Runners Assoc.

Derek Foley, who has provided a number of news reports and information, also a big help for keeping his nose to the ground in NSW, and of course organising a number of marathons and being publisher of The Right Track.

It would not be right to give thanks to people without mentioning Kevin Molloy of CoolRunning USA for the initial inspiration and assistance with the CoolRunning idea and Ian Kemp, who kept this site running virtually single-handedly back in 1997/8, without his enthusiasm the site would have struggled. He now runs CoolRunning NZ

Similarly, I thank everyone who has posted to our MessageBoards - you have helped many people who have read and asked for advice. I have met some great and colourful characters. You have continued to prove that the best place to find out about running is to ask other runners, and as the saying goes "the more the merrier".


In 2003, we plan to provide pretty much the same service as we have been giving in 2002, but we want to make it easier for people to contribute, to the calendar but also with race reports, news and the like. We always urge you to send us material that you think should be included on the site.

We are still in the lucky situation of having a growing readership, currently over 1 million pages per month are being displayed which is quite mind-blowing to think about. We will be upgrading our web servers which means that we can take that opportunity to change our software to allow more interactivity.

If nothing else, this will relieve the pressure as myself as "Chief Bottleneck" and will mean that information can be posted round the clock, and maybe allow me more time to hit the roads and the trails myself!

We are in the process of making better links with those runners in the States that are currently under-represented on CoolRunning - South Australia, Western Australia and the North Territories.


Whatever your goals are for 2003, make sure you take it easy and remember that running is only one part of your life, so don't neglect your friends and family. Pick some goals to work towards, but also remember to take time to smell the roses.

All the best !

Kevin Tiller
Owner & Chief Editor
CoolRunning Australia
Sydney, Australia

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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