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Sydney Striders - Marathon Training Group

Sydney Striders - Marathon Training Group

December 2002

Sydney Striders have initiated a new Marathon Training Group for new and old Striders under the joint leadership of George Herisson and Jim Moody.

The aim of the group is to support those slower runners amongst us who wish to extend their current distance running ability and to complete a first 42.195km Marathon. The group is specifically aimed at those who are currently running 10Kms in about an hour or less.

The goal of the MTG is be the Canberra Marathon on 13th April 2003 and a gradual increase in training between now and then will be the direction of the group. Typically, MTG runners will complete their marathon in 4 to 4 hours and our training will be ideal for that pace of running. For some, the MTG pace will be too slow but the Club caters for just about all!

So, turn up on Sunday mornings and there is sure to be a group to suit your particular speed. If you like it then you can join the Striders and the MTG.

The strict 'rule' of the MTG is that we stick together as a group - nobody gets left behind!

Should you be interested in joining in or finding out more, the MTG can be contacted on either of the following email addresses:

More information on Sydney Striders at

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