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Interview with Paul Arthur

Interview with Paul Arthur

This interview first apeared in the central Coast Regional Athletics Newsletter in December 2002. They can be contacted via

Age Young

Born Bankstown 5th May 1967

Why Did you Start Running? It was a good excuse to get a day off school.

When did you first start running? I did my first City to Surf when I was 10. When I was 17 I first joined Western District Athletic Club.

Why did you run the City to Surf? My brother ran it & my dad said I could run it when I was 10.

Did you win races when you first started running? No I would always finish mid field. I started to run well when I became a senior. That's when it is important anyway.

What other sports did you try and like? Golf…Cricket Tennis, Cycling Squash Piano Violin… and jousting sticks

When did you first think you wanted to win City to Surf? After my first run when I was 10.

What took you so long? Puberty.

Any Advice on Training? Have faith in your program and your coach. If you haven't got either then get them. If you are not running over 100km a week (male), you are not training hard, for running.

When was your strongest period of running? In 92-96, I was averaging 180-200 km per week.

Mentors in sport? Deek because he was aggressive. Lance Armstrong because he doesn't panic and has faith in himself.

Best moment in running? Winning 1994 City to Surf.

Any advice to Young Runners in our Club or Region? Yes train as hard as you want, and don't talk to negative people - believe in yourself.

Do you have a girlfriend? No but I have my eye's on a few - they know who they are.

Your dislikes Back stabbers and people who hurt animals

What do you like? Animals and hot looking girls.

Future ? Get married and have a Border Collie or two.

Who do you want to be like when you grow up? Robert Beardslee because he enjoys life and makes me happy.

Paul has 29 State Titles from 5k track to Half-Marathon. Australian Representations: World XC World Road Relays, Best Ranking 21st in the World for Half-Marathon at 62.16 - that was 3rd on Aust all time list behind Monners & Deek. Has won every major Road Race in Australia except for Burnie. 3 times Bay to Breakers winner. 2 times Six Foot Track winner.
Typical Training Week
Mon am 8k pm 16km
Tues am 8km pm Track
Wed 26km
Thurs 8k am pm Hills
Fri am 10k pm 16km
Sat Race or fartlek
Sun 35km
Personal Bests
1500m 3.52
3000m 8.10
5000m 13.49
10000m 28.30
Half-Marathon 1hr 02m 16s
Marathon 2hr 20m

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