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Re-use of race entries

Re-use of race entries

By Kevin Tiller, Coolrunning Australia - Originally posted 16th May 2003
Update for 2005:
2002, 2003 & 2004 saw this website receive unwanted attention from the organisers of the Sydney Morning Herald Half, which saw the following message posted to CoolRunning the week before the event. We would prefer that runners follow the directions from the race organisers and CoolRunning and to not cause any trouble. Any messages to the messageboards regarding buying and selling of race entries will see the messages deleted immediately.

Further, the organisers of another prominent race have also been in trouble for not successfully stopping race number swaps at their event, and the people caught may even be banned from other events - Please don't let yourself be caught in the same position - rest assured that SMH will crack down harder this year!

CoolRunning Australia has received it's yearly reminder from the organisers of the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon asking us to point out that the race does not allow or support any re-selling or transferral of race entries from one runner to another. We feel it is our duty to therefore pass on this information to all our readers.

We are willing to accept that the race attracts a lot of runners, and the 4000 limit fills up very fast every year and that some runners, after entering, find themselves injured or un-avoidable "life happens" events that will prevent them from running on the day. I think a lot of runners maybe do not know about the accepted "race etiquette" - not just for this race, but all other events too. We have never yet seen a race that allows runners to arrange their own number swaps or purchases. Some races allow this via the race organisers themselves, but most do not.

Please do not attempt to buy or sell any race entry, either on CoolRunning or elsewhere.

There are a number of reasons for this, here are a few:

  1. Your results will appear under the name of the original entrant - not yours.
  2. You may be in a different age/sex category from the original entrant and could stuff up the placings, prizes etc
  3. Many races ask for personal information that could be passed onto Police, ambulance, medical staff in case of accident - it would not be good to be administered incorrectly due to entry swapping.
  4. It is against Athletics Australia rules and could see you being banned from future events.
  5. It is dis-honest - enter a race in your name only, not someone elses.

CoolRunning wants to promote open and free discussion of issues affecting runners - and you can discuss this topic here - however we do not support the buying/selling of entries.

As the race day looms large, not sure if you want to put a piece on your great site regarding the sale of entries.

I have noticed a number of ads etc on the messageboard, including some discussion on whether there should be "transfers, resales, etc".

Obviously there are many reasons why and at the moment there are no transfers.

The problem is that we are now getting phone calls from people who have bought entries and then ring us wanting to have the name transferred over, obviously this can't happen for this year. Therefore if people are buying their entries they will be running as somebody else, jeopardising age group results etc.

The issue of buying and selling entries is not a simple one and requires a reasoned debate at a later date.

Michael Russell
Marketing Services
John Fairfax Publications

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