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Coe and Ovett Revisited - Executive Breakfast Coe and Ovett Revisited - Executive Breakfast
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More info for CoolRunners from Carolyn Schuwalow

Its a very unique event - Lord Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett revisited. It will be a corporate breakfast fundraiser for Athletics Australia distance athletes; the focus on juniors and their coaches, held the day after the opening ceremony on 16th March from 7.30am - 9.30am. Bruce McAvaney has agreed to be the MC, which is great and we have had acceptances from the likes of Rob DeCastella, Ron Clarke etc. Not to mention a huge amount of interest in the UK and bookings from the BBC, Glasgow City Council, Norwich Union come to the event.

I feel very privileged that I have managed to get Steve Ovett to participate, as he NEVER does stuff like this and his initial reaction was a definite no. But his 11 year old son Freddy convinced him because the purpose behind the event is to assist junior middle and distance athletes and their coaches.

To this end, I have built into the cost of the breakfast (with the generous help of Spotless, who have donated to me the venue, food, staff, audio visual and prizes) a middle and distance seminar, the focus on talented junior distance athletes and their coaches, with Shaun Creighton the national distance co ordinator of Athletics Australia chairing and Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett participating. I anticipate 150 athletes and coaches attending and think it will be an amazing opportunity for them to learn, be motivated and chat to these guys. This will be at the conclusion of the fund raiser breakfast on March 16th at the same location. I am really keen to get this out to the die hard distance runners before Corporate Australia swallows up all the invites. It will be 400 people maximum.

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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