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 Wednesday, February 20, 2002 

Anzac Spirit Inspires Mass Community Event

Tens of thousands of people are set to commemorate the ANZAC spirit in 2002 by participating in a new and innovative community event called the "Lest We Forget Run" on Sunday 28 April. Launched in Canberra today by the Federal Minister for the Arts and Sport Rod Kemp, the "Lest We Forget Run" is a joint initiative between Athletics Australia (AA) and the Returned & Services League of Australia Limited (RSL).

The annual "Lest We Forget Run" will be held simultaneously all over Australia, in capital cities, regional centres and country towns, on the Sunday following ANZAC Day (28 April in 2002). The event has received incredible support with more that 80 Local Governments expressing interest in staging the event in 2002. Each "Lest We Forget Run" will be a five-mile / eight-kilometre event, in recognition of the distance the ANZACs were required to conquer upon landing at Gallipoli. All participating "Lest We Forget Runs" will start with a one-minute silence to be observed by all competitors and officials.

Athletics Australia CEO Simon Allatson said the "Lest We Forget Run" was designed to capture the ANZAC spirit and enable communities to show their support for the ANZAC tradition, while raising funds for RSL welfare related charities. "With the response by communities already, the "Lest We Forget Run" could grow to become the largest community participation event in Australia. The ANZAC spirit is arguably the strongest bond we have as a nation. Communities now have an opportunity to commemorate this spirit in an event that brings together family participation, healthy and fun physical activity and conquering a challenge."

Today's launch at the Australian War Memorial was attended by Senator Kemp, RSL National President Major General Peter Phillips, Mr Allatson, and hosted by avid fun runner and ABC Radio sports broadcaster Tim Gavel.

Entry to each "Lest We Forget Run" is $20 adult and $15 concession. The net profit from the "Lest We Forget Run" will be donated to the RSL for welfare-related activities and charities.

People can enter online at
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Athletics Australia’s 2002 Season Guide

Athletics Australia’s 2002 Season Guide is now available for purchase. This 420 page A5 publication is packed full of statistics and information - an essential document for athletes, coaches, administrators and fans.

The 2002 Season Guide includes: 140 feature profiles and another 200+ potted athlete profiles; 2001 Australian open rankings (50 deep); 2001 Australian U20/18/16/14 rankings (5-10 deep); Australian All-time rankings(50 deep); selection criteria and standards for the 2002 teams; Telstra A-Series information; 2001 Australian results; World and Australia records and contacts and calendar information.

A limited number of copies are available for purchase from Athletics Australia at a cost of $12 (incl GST) plus postage & handling (Vic $6.00, Other Australian States and Territories $9.00; postage rates for overseas and multiple copies upon request to or Janet on 03 9820 3511). Send your cheque to: Athletics Australia, Suite 22, Fawkner Towers, 431 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Vic 3004.
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2001 Australian Junior Ranking Lists

What are they?
Ranking lists, usually 15-40 deep (depending on the event and age division) are prepared in four age divisions: U20, U18, U16 & U14.

Who prepares them?
They are prepared by Dan Suchy (U16 & U14) and David Tarbotton (U18 & U20) – Athletics Australia Junior Statistician.

Final 2001 Australian Junior Ranking Lists?
The final 2001 Australian Junior Ranking Lists are available for purchase from Dan Suchy. The cost is: $6.00 including postage. Please send to: Dan Suchy, 9 Sunny Place, St Johns Park 2176.

Availability of rankings throughout the year
The rankings are compiled on a voluntary basis by Dan and David and are only available occasionally throughout the year. The latest rankings will most likely be available during the year at these times: Australian Youth Champs (Feb), end of summer season (May) and Australian All Schools (Dec).

Corrections or additions to the rankings?
Please forward to:
U20 & U18 to David Tarbotton, or fax 02 8436 2198
U16 & U14 to Dan Suchy, or fax 02 9725 4898
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Telstra Championships in QLD, also Commonwealth Trials

The Commonwealth Games dreams and aspirations of Australia's athletes are on the line in Brisbane this April when the Telstra A-Championships, doubling as the Commonwealth Games athletics trials hit ANZ Stadium. From Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 April, this country's leading athletes including Olympic medallists Cathy Freeman, Tatiana Grigorieva, Jai Taurima and Louise Sauvage will be vying for Australian Team selection in cut-throat competition in Brisbane.

Today the Honourable Peter Beattie MP, Premier of Queensland, Athletics Australia CEO Simon Allatson and star athletes Tatiana Grigorieva, Bronwyn Thompson and Geoff Trappett launched the Telstra A-Championships to key media representatives. The 2002 Telstra A-Championships will be the second successive year that the event has been held at ANZ Stadium, and is set to build on the excitement and interest developed by last year's Goodwill Games. For the first time the 2002 Telstra A-Championships will integrate the national championships for both athletes with a disability and able body athletes.

The Queensland public will see Paralympic stars such as Louise Sauvage, Neil Fuller, Geoff Trappett, Tim Matthews, Tim Sullivan and Lisa Llorens in action with Freeman, Grigorieva, Taurima, World Championships gold medallist Dmitri Markov, bronze medallist Bronwyn Eagles and rising stars including Georgie Clarke, Jana Pittman, Craig Mottram and Shermin Oksuz.

Athletics Australia CEO Simon Allatson said Queensland's support for athletics was an overwhelming factor in AA's decision to stage its Australian Championships in South East Queensland for three years (from 2001). "This year's Telstra A-Championships could attract unprecedented interest and crowds with home grown athletes expected to be among the stars. Olympic champion Cathy Freeman is returning to the track. Jai Taurima aspires to win gold this year after silver at the last Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Plus rising stars such as Goodwill Games gold medallist Melissa Rollison, silver medal winning long jumper Bronwyn Thompson and wheelchair sprinter Geoff Trappett are set to captivate the audience."

Selection for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, IPC (International Paralympic Committee) World Championships and World Junior Championships will be determined by results at the Telstra A-Championships, highlighting the event's international significance. While athletes are fighting for Australian Team selection in Brisbane, they are also striving for a share of more than $240,000 in series prizemoney on offer.

The Telstra A-Championships is the final event of the eight-event national Telstra A-Series which has a lucrative awards structure:
Telstra Male and Female Athletes of the Season ($10,000 each to winners)
Telstra Male and Female Athletes with a Disability (AWD) of the Season($3,000 each to winners)
Event Group Winners ($12,000 each to winners)
AWD Event Group Winners ($1,000 each to winners)
Walk Event Winners ($5,000 to winners)

Tickets are on sale for the Telstra A-Championships (ANZ Stadium, Brisbane) through Ticketmaster 7 on phone 1300 136 122 or

Tickets are $12 General Admission (seated), $2 Children (Under 12) and $25 Premium.
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 Sunday, February 17, 2002 

Kouros Blasts 100 mile record in New Zealand

See report here
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Canberra athlete outed for drug use

An athlete working at the Australian Sports Commission was last week suspended for drug use pending the outcome of an investigation by an as yet unnamed national sporting organisation. It seems the woman was competing in a high standard event where officials from the Australian Sports Drugs Agency were testing. Although the woman was not on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, she did work in an administrative capacity with the Sports Commission. ASDA advised the ASC of a positive drugs test and the woman was suspended on full pay pending the outcome of further investigations. It hasn't been confirmed whether it was a recreational or performance enhancing drug, but ASDA's tests are usually geared towards performance enhancing substances.

A spokesperson for the ASC, Geoff Hawke, only provided scant details about the woman because of privacy concerns, but said the organisation had upheld its zero tolerance policy on drugs by suspending her. "It has nothing to do with the Sports Commission, or the AIS, the only fact that links the person to us is that she works here," Hawke said. "We handled it internally and the national sporting body is now carrying out an investigation. It goes to the heart of our zero tolerance policy. We have got a reputation to uphold both nationally and internationally."

The woman at the centre of the scandal played sport at a representative level, but did not hold an AIS scholarship in that particular sporting code, nor was she involved in any administrative capacity in that sport.

"It just happened to be something that they were involved in and had nothing to do with the AIS," Hawke said. The ASC had left the investigation up to ASDA and the national sporting organisation rather than reporting the matter to police. "If the police needed to be involved, they would be, ASDA and the sport's governing body would be responsible for that," Hawke said. "All we are doing is responding to this in terms of being an employee of the Sports Commission and the Sports Commission doesn't tolerate any kind of drug use."

ASDA does not comment on specific individual tests, but the woman in question must have been an athlete of state or national standing. Recreational drugs do show up in ASDA's test results, although the sport would need to list it as a banned substance before it was reported.
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 Friday, February 15, 2002 

Athletics Australia Club Awards

Athletics Australia Club Awards have been developed to recognise the vitally important role which clubs play in providing opportunities for all Australians to participate in athletics. The Club Awards acknowledge the endeavours of clubs that have made an outstanding effort to improve their level of management and operations so that their members can more fully enjoy their involvement in our sport.

Using the Active Australia framework as a basis, the Club Awards offer all clubs the opportunity to review their performance against nationally developed criteria. This will give all clubs the chance to not only be recognised for their efforts, but also to identify areas in which they can continue to develop and improve.

Awards will be presented in each of the following categories, the winners receiving a cash incentive of $2000 per category to assist in the future club development activities.

Athletics Australia is committed to the principles of Active Australia, with the awards being judged against the Active Australia Provider criteria. All clubs nominating for an award are strongly encouraged to undertake the Active Australia Provider process ( . The criteria for each award may also be viewed on the Athletics Australia website at

Award nominations close on: Wednesday 3 April 2002. Winners will be announced on Sunday 14 April 2002, the day of the National Clubs Championships in Queensland. All applications MUST be accompanied by appropriate documentation which will include a brief profile of your club, a summary of your activities as they relate to the specific award, and details of the outcomes that you have achieved as a result of your activities. Nominating clubs are required to have fulfilled the relevant affiliation requirements of their State Athletics Association.

Please forward nominations to:
Athletics Australia Club Awards
Suite 22
431 St Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004

For further information, please contact your state association or Athletics Australia on (03) 9820 3511. You may nominate for more than one award.

If in the opinion of the judges, there is no entry or suitable applicant for a specific award, the money will be distributed evenly through other categories.

Criteria for Athletics Australia Club Awards
As per Active Australia Provider Framework

1. We take an active role in our community and other organisations that support us.
2. We have a strategic plan which states our goals and objectives.
3. All members of our organisation had the opportunity to contribute to developing our strategic plan.
4. Our strategic plan clearly explains our goals and objectives.
5. We have good communication with all our members.
6. We have clear, long term plans (3 ? 5 years).
7. We have plans which cover all our operations and activities over a 12 month period.
8. We have financial controls and plans which look at income and expenditure for the planning period.
9. We regularly review all our plans and make changes when needed.
10. We have appropriate risk management procedures and insurance policies which address issues related to loss, damage or in jury, etc.
11. At our annual meeting, all members connected with our Club can comment on performance.

1. There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in our Club.
2. We have policies and practices which encourage access and equity.
3. We have amongst our membership, people with skills or qualifications to carry out all necessary tasks.
4. We seek expert assistance where required. Our club has access to a nominated physiotherapist, sports masseur and doctor.
5. We identify the potentially useful skills of our members.
6. We recognise and reward the achievements of our members.
7. We provide training where appropriate.

1. During the past 12 months, our membership numbers have increased.
2. Our members compete in schools, State and National Championships.
3. We invite local schools to join in our activities.
4. We design our programs and activities to serve the needs of our members.
5. We have a system of handling members' complaints and act on expressions of dissatisfaction with our activities and services.
6. We regularly review our performance in meeting our members? needs and expectations.
7. We provide opportunities for close liaison with local Little Athletics and Veterans' Clubs.

1. Our coaches are accredited with AT&FCA.
2. Our coaches have the opportunity to share knowledge and practical ideas.
3. We recognise and reward the achievements of our coaches.
4. Where possible, we reward coaches financially for their work.
5. Our coaches assist new athletes.
6. Coaches are encouraged to attend coaching seminars and training workshops where appropriate at club expense.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR (this is also a Club award not an individual award, but appropriate memento will be given to the successful applicant.)
1. How do you motivate and recruit volunteers.
2. Describe how you reward volunteers for their efforts.
3. Describe your Club's procedures in recruiting, training and maintaining volunteers.
4. Nominate a volunteer from your Club whom you consider has made an outstanding contribution to the success/development of the Club. (All information pertaining to this volunteer and the role which they have played/given to your Club, must be stated.)

CLUB NAME: ????????????????????????.
ADDRESS: ????????????????????????.
Postcode: ??????????..
E mail: ????????????????????????.
CLUB CONTACT: ?????????????????????..
Telephone Number: ?????????????????????..
Fax Number: ?????????????????????..
E mail: ?????????????????????..
AWARD(S) nominated for: ???????????????.
Supporting documentation attached:
(Please list)
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 Friday, February 08, 2002 

Canberra Runner Wins Empire State building Run Up In New York City

Canberra runner Paul Crake has won the Empire States Building run-up for the fourth consecutive year. Apparently he trailed Rudolf for the first 25 floors (of 86), before taking the lead and pulling ahead for the remaining 61 floors.

The top 3 results are:

1. Paul Crake, North Lyneham, Australia 9:48
2. Rudolf Reitberger, Austria, 10:36
3. Sproule Love, Brooklyn, NY 11:10

1. Kerstin Harbich, Garmisch, Germany 12:46
2. Cindy Moll, Indianapolis, IN 13:25
3. Kathy Kropke, Avon by the Sea, NJ 14:57

Paul didn't quite get his record from last year, 9:37, while Belinda Soszyn from Sydney still has the female record of 12:19 set in 1996.

Data from
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 Wednesday, February 06, 2002 

A supercharged sporting weekend in Canberra and Campbelltown

Go along to the supercharged Telstra A-Series meets at the AIS Athletics Track in Canberra on Friday 8 February from 4.40pm and Campbelltown Athletics Centre on Sunday 10 February from 2pm.

Preview of the events at the Telstra A-Series > Canberra.

Women's 100m
Australia's number one 100m, 200m female sprinter Lauren Hewitt (VIS) will be gunning to maintain this position in 2002. Hewitt will face stiff competition from fellow Commonwealth Games 4x100m relay gold medallist and Queensland's fastest sprinter Sharon Cripps (QAS) who clocked 11.41s on the weekend, rising NSW 21-year-old Mindy Slomka and former Nigerian Gloria Kemasuode who ran 11.35s also on the weekend.

Women's 200m
Hewitt will be aiming for the sprint double in fast times on the fast Canberra track. Fellow Victorian Katerina Dressler, 20, more noted as a 400m runner could be one to surprise early this season.

Women's 800m
Olympic and World Championships semi-finalist Tamsyn Lewis (VIS) will be eager for a win in her first 800m of the season. With a heavy distance base behind her, Lewis will be charging home against Queensland's Adrienne McIvor - a representative of Ireland at the Sydney 2000 Games, and who is the form runner in the field after setting an 800m personal best of 2:01.68 late last year. Junior Georgie Clarke (VIS) and Sydney Olympic 800m rep resuming after a year off Susan Andrews (WAIS) will also be in the mix.

Women's 1500m
Following wedding bells on the weekend, Benita Johnson (nee Willis) (AIS) has shed the veil and dress and donned her running gear to continue her 2002 season. The World Championships 5000m finalist will be challenged by Goodwill Games steeplechase gold medallist Melissa Rollison (QAS), Sydney Olympic 1500m rep Sarah Jamieson (VIS) and NSW champion Suzy Walsham.

Women's 100m hurdles
This event is set to provide one of the clashes of the season. World Uni Games bronze medallist Jacquie Munro (NSWIS) is currently Australia's number one with a best time of 13.12s. However the challenge has been set down by Queensland 22-year-old Fiona Cullen who has dramatically reduced her pb in recent months to 13.31s. Melbourne 19-year-old Georgina Power could surprise.

Women's 400m hurdles
Victorian hurdler and World Uni Games medallist Sonia Brito was Australia's fastest in 2000 with her pb of 55.72s. Brito can start the season in style if she can withstand the competition from Sydney Olympic rep Stephanie Price (NSWIS) and world youth silver medallist Kimberley Crow (VIS).

Women's high jump
World youth silver medallist Petrina Price (NSWIS) set a pb and Commonwealth Games A qualifier of 1.90m in December to become only the 10th Australian woman to ever jump this high. She will enter as favourite in this event. Commonwealth heptathlon silver medallist Jane Jamieson (NSWIS) will be aiming for a solid performance.

Women's long jump
Another great battle looms in this event. Goodwill Games silver medallist Bronwyn Thompson (QAS) broke Nicole Boegman's 13-year national record by 1cm at the Goodwill Games last year with a jump of 6.88m. Both Thompson and triple Olympian and former Commonwealth champion Boegman (AIS) are eager to break it again. Others in the mix include New Zealand's number one Chantal Brunner and Perth's world youth champion Shermin Oksuz (WAIS).

Women's pole vault
Watch out Tatiana. While Olympic and Goodwill Games silver medallist Tatiana Grigorieva is the leading Aussie with a pb of 4.56m, this event will feature the new brigade of Australian female pole vaulters. Breakthrough performer of the year so far Kym Howe (WAIS) will be joined by rising Victorian star Bridgid Isworth (VIS) in battle with Tatiana. Howe leapt 4.40m recently in Perth to move closer to Emma George's national record of 4.60m, while Isworth has also bettered the Commonwealth Games A qualifying standard with a recent clearance of 4.20m.

Women's discus throw
Olympic and World Championships rep Alison Lever (QAS) is out to better her pb of 63.73m in 2002 and win gold at the Commonwealth Games. One of her major rivals at this event and the Commonwealth Games will be the Commonwealth champion Beatrice Faumuina (NZL) who threw over 64m on the weekend.

Women's shot put
NSW 27-year-old Michelle Haage just achieved the Commonwealth Games A qualifying standard of 16.15m at the NSW titles on the weekend with a pb of 16.19m. With the pressure of Commonwealth qualifying relieved, Haage will be looking for an even better performance in Canberra.

Women's 10,000m Walk
Australia's number one Jane Saville (AIS) is out to put the disappointment of Olympic and World Championships disqualifications behind her in 2002. She is set to excel in a good field which includes junior star Laura Johnson (NSWIS), fellow AIS walker Cheryl Webb and Victorian Simone Wolowiec.

Women's AWD (Athletes with a Disability) Events
Wheelchair star Louise Sauvage will be out for a strong showing in the wheelchair 5000m after recent success in the Oz Day 10K road race. In the Ambulant 100m triple Paralympic gold medallists Lisa Llorens (AIS - T20 - intellectual disability) and Lisa McIntosh (VIS - T37 - CP Hemiplegic) will take on 2001 World Championships medallist Meaghan Starr (NSWIS - T46 - arm amputee) and Paralympic gold medal winner Alison Quinn (SAS - T38 - mild Cerebral Palsy).

Men's 100m
The fastest ever Australian in Australia is AIS star Patrick Johnson. He set this back in 2000 with a fast 10.10s in Melbourne and has the mindset to go close again in 2002. Johnson will need challengers and these will come in the form of VIS sprinter David Baxter, and Goodwill Games 4x100m medal-winning members Paul Di Bella (QAS) and Adam Basil (Vic).

Men's 200m
Australian champion Patrick Johnson (AIS) will be hard to beat again in 2002 over 200m. Johnson set a pb of 20.52s last year and is set to go close in Canberra against Commonwealth Games 200m finalist Darryl Wohlsen (Qld) and winner at the weekend's NSW titles Paul Di Bella (QAS).

Men's 400m
Featuring the natural successor to Michael Johnson - Alvin Harrison. The Sydney Olympic 400m silver medallist is a sight to behold over the one lap contest and will be great competition for Australia's best including Olympic semi-finalists Patrick Dwyer (NSWIS) and Casey Vincent (VIS), national champion Paul Pearce (Vic) and World Uni Games medallist Clinton Hill (NSWIS). Pearce is the form Aussie after a fast 45.95s at the NSW titles on the weekend.

Men's 800m
Olympic 800m rep Kris McCarthy (VIS) has set out to become Australia's dominant force over 800m in 2002. One of his main challenges in Canberra will be rising middle distance runner Frazer Dowling (NSWIS).

Men's 1500m
Australia is seeing a resurgence in middle distance running and part of this is due to the amazing talents of Craig Mottram (VIS). The tall, lanky strider has broken numerous national records already, and a steady pace in Canberra could see Mottram go close to his pb of 3:35.40 set last year. Mottram will face another rising Aussie in Youcef Abdi (NSWIS) who last year also set a pb of 3:37.81, and in-form distance runner Sisay Bezabah (AIS) who recently clocked a Commonwealth Games A qualifier and pb over 10,000m and backed up to win the 8K selection trial for the World Cross Country Championships.

Men's 110m hurdles
China's Shi Dongpeng clocked a fast 13.43s over the 110m hurdles last year. His Australian rivals include 2001 Australian Championships silver medallist Stuart Anderson who has a pb of 13.73s, rising Aboriginal hurdler Tim Ewen (Vic) with a pb of 13.81s, and in-form Victorian Nfa Forster-Jones (also known as the genie in the Tim Tam commercials).

Men's 400m hurdles
Blair Young (QAS) has gained the ascendancy in Australian men's 400m hurdling with semi-final appearances at both the Sydney Games and 2001 World Championships. Fellow Sydney Olympic rep Matt Beckenham (AIS) and 1998 world junior bronze medallist Peter Bate (VIS) are also striving for the number one position.

Men's 3000m steeplechase
Who will lead Australia into the future in this event? ACT's Martin Dent has had the wraps on him for a number of years and will be aiming to fulfil his potential this year, while the stand-out at the moment is QAS athlete Peter Nowill - another prodigy in the Pat Clohessy stable. 'Clo' has produced former Aussie greats including Rob de Castella and Shaun Creighton.

Men's pole vault
Without world champion Dmitri Markov (WAIS), this looms as an exciting contest between Olympic and World Championships finalist Viktor Chistiakov (SASI) and Commonwealth silver medallist Paul Burgess (WAIS).

Men's long jump
With an 8.22m leap in 2001 Huang Le from China will be tough to beat. One Aussie youngster out to do well is Westfield Sports High's John Thornell (NSWIS) who jumped a best of 7.69m at December's IGA Australian All Schools Championships.

Men's triple jump
World Indoor bronze medallist Andrew Murphy (NSWIS) claimed another NSW title on the weekend in a close contest with fellow NSWIS triple jumper Jacob McReynolds. Murphy has been without challengers in recent seasons in Australia, and the rise in performance by McReynolds augurs well for some exciting clashes.

Men's shot put
In the battle of the big men, Australian record holder Justin Anlezark (QAS) will be aiming for the 20m mark early this season against fellow Darling Downs bred shot putter Rhys Jones (AIS), star junior thrower at the moment Scott Martin (VIS) and NSW's Clay Cross who is on the comeback trail.

Men's discus throw
NSWIS talent Peter Elvy is capable of launching over 60m again in 2002. His talent is unquestioned but will be aiming for greater consistency this year against other rising throwers Scott Martin (VIS), Chris Gaviglio (Qld) and Aaron Neighbour (VIS).

Men's hammer throw
Reigning Commonwealth champion Stuart Rendell (AIS) started his season in fine fettle with a throw over 76m at the NSW titles on the weekend. Rendell will be encouraged by the competition from 2000 World Junior medallist Aaron Fish (AIS) who threw over 70m for the first time late last year.

Men's javelin throw
Australian record holder Andrew Currey (NSWIS) takes on Australian junior record holder Oliver Dziubak (WAIS). Both men increased these records late in 2001 with Currey taking the open mark up to 86.67m. In-form Daniel Kratzmann (QAS) and William Hamlyn-Harris (NSWIS) will add to this exciting contest.

Men's 10,000m Walk
Goodwill Games 20,000m walk gold medallist Nathan Deakes (AIS) is now rated as one of the world's best in the walk. Commonwealth gold is in his sights in 2002, but he will have to stave off the challenge of fellow World Championships 50km walk representatives Liam Murphy (AIS) and Darren Bown (AIS), and rising youngsters Troy Sundstrom (NSWIS) and Jarred Tallent (VIS).

Men's AWD Events
Featuring a list of multiple Paralympic gold medal winners, the men's Ambulant 100m will be a highlight of the meet. Included in the field are Paralympic champions Darren Thrupp (QAS - T38 - mild Cerebral Palsy), Tim Sullivan (VIS - T38), Heath Francis (SAS - T46 - arm amputee), Tim Matthews (VIS - T46 - arm amputee) and Neil Fuller (AIS - T44 - below knee amputee). The wheelchair 100m includes Paralympic gold medallists John Lindsay (VIS - T53) and Geoff Trappett (QAS - T54). The wheelchair 1500m is set to be a good clash between Paul Nunnari (NSWIS), Frederic Periac (Vic), young gun Kurt Fearnley (NSWIS) and Switzerland's Heinz Frei. The Seated Shot Put will also be a close encounter to start the Telstra A-Series program.

To get your tickets, call the ticket hotline on 1300 737 437.
Tickets are $12 General Admission, $2 Children (Under 12), $20 Premium.
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Coach says Freeman is on track for strong return

Olympic 400-meter champion Cathy Freeman was set for an impressive return to athletics, one of Australia's leading coaches said Tuesday.

National events coach for sprints and relays Michael Khmel said he was pleased with Freeman's fitness at a sprint training camp here this week following her post-Olympic sabbatical. "I think she's quite ahead of where she was planning to be," Khmel said. "She's going to run very, very fast for her at this time of the year and she's going to surprise herself... she's there."

Freeman, who returned to training last November after a 13-month layoff, plans to make her comeback to top competition at Athletics Australia's Melbourne A-Series meet on March 7. Freeman's main aim this year is the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in July. Khmel said Freeman was enthusiastic about her training and the younger athletes in the squad were reaping the benefits of training with an athlete of her calibre and leadership qualities. "I think she's realized now she's achieved her goal and whatever she's doing now is a bonus," Khmel told Australian Associated Press Tuesday. "She's here and she's doing what everyone does and more. She's not treating herself differently to everyone else... she's really one of them. She's one of the group."
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 Sunday, February 03, 2002 

McCann Looks Towards Commonwealth Gold with 2:28

Australia's number one marathon runner Kerryn McCann (NSWIS) placed fourth in Sunday's Osaka International Ladies Marathon in Japan last Sunday (27th Jan 2002). McCann clocked her third-ever fastest time of 2:28.30 behind winner Lornah Kiplagat of Kenya who crossed the finish line in 2:23.55.

After an interrupted preparation caused by a throat infection and virus, McCann was in 10th place through halfway but finished strongly to pass six runners including former Olympic champion Fatuma Roba from Ethiopia. Now McCann has her sights set on gold at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester later this year.
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 Saturday, February 02, 2002 

Australian Team Announced For World Cross Country

Athletics Australia is pleased to advise the selection of the following athletes for the Telstra Australian Team to contest the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Dublin, Ireland on 23-24 March.

Open 12K Men
Sisay Bezabeth ACT
Dean Cavuoto ACT
Brett Cartwright ACT
Kim Gillard NSW
Julian Dwyer VIC

Open 4K Men
Mark Thompson ACT
Paul Fenn VIC
Michael Power VIC
Martin Dent ACT
Craig Mottram VIC

Open 8K Women
Susie Power VIC (subject to fitness)

Open 4K Women
Natalie Harvey VIC
Anna Thompson VIC
Haley McGregor VIC
Benita Willis ACT
Susie Power VIC (subject to fitness)
Sarah Jamieson VIC (subject to availability)
Melissa Rollison QLD (subject to requirements)

Junior 6K Women
Melissa Rollison QLD
Aleisha Anderson WA
Joanna Wall VIC
Clare McKechnie VIC

Two of the form runners of the team led Australia's successful campaign at last year's World Cross Country Championships. Twenty-two year old distance runner Benita Willis produced one of her best international performances when she placed sixth in the Open 4K. Fellow rising star Craig Mottram placed a sensational eighth in the men's 4K. Both athletes will be aiming to build on last year's results and continue Australia's resurgence in distance running.

Susie Power is also capable of a podium finish after streeting the field in December's Telstra Zatopek Classic 10,000m in the second fastest ever time by an Australian.

A bulk of the team will be competing in next week's Telstra A-Series meets in Canberra (8 Feb) and Campbelltown (10 Feb).
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