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 Friday, November 24, 2006 

Kembla Joggers has been awarded $100,000

Wollongong City Council announced yesterday that Kembla Joggers has been awarded $100,000 in funding towards the construction of a clubhouse facility at the Integral Energy Recrearion Park, West Dapto.

The clubhouse facility when completed will include an 80 seat function room, showers, changerooms, toilets, kitchen, meeting room, storage, garage, canteen, parking, outdoor entertainment area and sprawling balcony looking across the park.

The funding follows news a few months ago that the project had been given the no.1 priority ranking in Council's Sports Facilities Planning Process. The project and funding is dependent on additional funding applied for through the NSW government's Regional Sports Facilities funding scheme. Announcements on this funding will be made public in the new year.

The club reached their fundraising target of $50,000 co-contribution towards the project. This has been made possible through funds raised from the Fitness Five, Trivia Night, Raffle and of course our great sponsor Wests Illawarra

For further information, visit their web site at

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 Thursday, November 23, 2006 

Inaugural "Race for Child Survival" at Sanctuary Cove

ASICS and the Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove to host inaugural "Race for Child Survival" at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast.

Event Date: Sunday 17th December 2006, Race Start 8am.

Run for Charity, Side by Side with Australia’s sporting elite and win great prizes!

For the first time in the 10 year history of “the Classic Week” charity event will incorporate THE ASICS RACE FOR CHILD SURVIVAL.

This 2.5km, 5km and 10km runs will start and finish at Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove and the track will be winding its way through the incredible Sanctuary Cove Resort.

Joining the field will be a host of major sporting celebrities and TV personalities. Race registration will commence at 6am on Sunday, 17th December, 2006.

The Asics Race For Child Survival is proudly supported by Asics, the world’s leading sports footwear company. 1st prize for the 10km race (Men and Women) is $1000! Other prizes include Bose Headsets, Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones, ASICS Shoes.

As a special incentive for up and coming runners aged 15-17yrs in the 10km is an Asics one year Sponsorship package (covering clothing & footwear).

The funds raised will support the George Gregan Foundation and the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Visit for all the details including a downloadable entry form.

For further enquiries please contact:

Harte Management
P] (07) 5577 8353
[F] (07) 5577 8354

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 Sunday, November 19, 2006 

Mt Majura Vineyard One Peak Challenge and Two Peaks Classic

Majura ACT, Saturday 18 November


Mt Majura Vineyard 15km One Peak Challenge

Males: 1 D Baldwin 1.06.48, 2 S Rohan-Jones 1.07.38, 3 T Woolford 1.08.04, 4 G Bateman 1.08.32, 5 S Tuan 1.11.17, 6 B Rebecca 1.11.43, 7 C Brewer 1.12.00, 8 G Potter 1.12.31, 9 G Piazza 1.17.23, 10 M Hobbins 1.17.29, 11 R Blake 1.17.58, 12 A Hughes 1.21.36, 13 B Czapnik 1.23.19, 14 J Hinds 1.24.18, 15 D Hinds 1.25.27, 16 M Hobson 1.27.16, 17 S Bradford 1.35.02, 18 K Chapman 1.36.20, 19 N Blackaby 1.41.14, 20 D Fry 1.54.55, 21 E Lindeman 2.04.02, 22 B Rogers 2.07.45.

Females: 1 J Zeller 1.12.33 (record), 2 J Quinn 1.14.37, 3 R Minty 1.19.14, 4 J Minty 1.19.14, 5 K Chisholm 1.19.43, 6 C Hanley 1.20.33, 7 E Adams 1.22.01, 8 M Hilliard 1.24.18, 9 L Baker 1.24.27, 10 C McCormack 1.24.44, 11 D Schneider 1.26.44, 12 J Hindmarch 1.29.22, 13 B Calver 1.29.45, 14 B Adams 1.30.22, 15 L Stevens 1.31.05, 16 N Cole 1.32.21, 17 T Nguyen 1.33.25, 18 R Holocombe 1.33.55, 19 C Knobel 1.34.31, 20 P Bradford 1.35.01, 21 M Blake 1.36.05, 22 I Sayers 1.36.07, 23 A Pratt 1.39.12, 24 M White 1.40.09, 25 J Saye 1.46.07, 26 M Brady 1.46.57, 27 A Dawson 1.47.05, 28 N Lindeman 1.47.49, 29 J Odgers 1.48.25, 30 K Nadurak 2.04.18, 31 B Walsh 2.04.18, 32 R Macanish 2.11.28.

Mt Majura Vineyard 26km Two Peaks Classic

Males: 1 S Doyle 1.42.36, 2 T Jacobs 1.51.57, 3 A Hogg 1.53.02, 4 D Green 1.55.57, 5 N Versey 1.56.07, 6 T Swan 1.58.59, 7 J Minto 2.00.20, 8 N Theam 2.01.06, 9 J Woodall 2.01.40, 10 G Keating 2.02.57, 11 P Clarke 2.02.58, 12 M Hegarty 2.03.03, 13 C Helliwell 2.05.30, 14 B Luckham 2.08.23, 15 A Kearns 2.09.56, 16 J Kennedy 2.10.35, 17 B Trevaskis 2.11.14, 18 M Corlis 2.11.24, 19 C Wisdom 2.13.07, 20 J Laffan 2.14.21, 21 S Appleby 2.14.58, 22 C Vial 2.16.06, 23 J White 2.19.10, 24 K Mansell 2.19.38, 25 I Gibbs 2.20.52, 26 K Harris 2.26.24, 27 H Moore 2.26.53, 28 A Sayers 2.28.30, 29 A Morris 2.31.53, 30 B Henderson 2.32.04, 31 M Toohey 2.34.14, 32 D Smith 2.40.36, 33 P Pantos 2.53.36, 34 J McInnes 2.55.24, 35 D Riley 2.59.04.

Females: 1 J Allison 2.17.53, 2 S Archer 2.24.44, 3 C Tong 2.26.28, 4 L Bradfield 2.30.42, 5 P Muston 2.37.21, 6 E Knight 2.40.36, 7 eq L Garvican 2.45.57, 7 eq S Hely 2.45.57.


1 TMT (T O’Connor, T Riglin, M Morrison) 2.27.27, 2 Curse of the Dragon (P Duncan, D Rupasinghe, A Grubb) 2.27.40, 3 Chingones (J De Meyer, J Polis, G Smith) 2.36.24.

Race report

Australian mountain running representative Stuart Doyle of South Canberra-Tuggeranong Athletics Club celebrated his 40th birthday in fine style with a commanding win in today’s Mt Majura Vineyard Two Peaks Classic. Doyle clocked 1 hour 42 mins 36 secs for the arduous 26 kilometres over Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura. Australian long distance mountain running representative Trevor Jacobs of Weston Creek Athletics Club was runner up in 1:51:57, just over a minute ahead of former Australian orienteering champion Andy Hogg, who ran 1:53:02.

Australian orienteering international Jo Allison showed her fitness as first female in 2:17:53, with veteran Sue Archer second in 2:24:44 and Weston Creek Athletics Club’s Carinna Tong third in 2:26:28.

Judith May’s One Peak record fell to triathlete Jane Zeller who clocked 1:12:33 for the 15kms over Mt Majura. World rogaining champion Julie Quinn had a good tune-up for next weekend’s Triple Triathlon when she was second in 1:14:37. Former orienteering internationals Julia and Rebecca Minty tied for third in 1:19:14.

Geraint Bateman seemed headed for a strong win in the men’s One Peak but went off course after a bushwalker had turned a sign 180 degrees. He ended up 4th with former world rogaining champion David Baldwin first finisher in 1:06:48. Stephen Rohan-Jones was second in 1:17:38 and Tony Woolford third in 1:18:04. David Osmond, 6th in last year’s 24 Hour World Mountain Biking Championship, rode the 26km course in advance of the field but was not quite quick enough to check the section of the course where Bateman went astray. It is planned to start the 15kms 30 minutes later next year to prevent this problem from recurring.

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 Saturday, November 18, 2006 

High5 looking for test athletes - free High5

In January 2007, High5 will be conducting scientific testing to compare various elements surrounding their new 'SuperCarbs' products. They need 30 athletes to participate in weekend (one day) bike and run trials. The bike test will be a three hour, monitored, moderate ride, followed by a 60 kilometre TT for four consecutive weeks, held at Kurnell, NSW. Eight of the selected participants will also be required to go for a run, following the bike. All participants will receive $100 worth of free product, in addition to product consumed while testing. Participants will also receive information surrounding their results, which can be used to develop an accurate nutrition plan. Several runners are also required, for distances up to 32 kilometres. For more information, or to volunteer, email John Hill on High5 Australian website at

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 Thursday, November 02, 2006 

Scheduling bungle lands knockout blow

Geelong's Sacred Heart College has had to withdraw its athletics teams from the national schools knockout finals in Sydney because of a scheduling bungle. A scheduling decision by Athletics Australia meant the school had to choose between the knockout competition and the Australian All-Schools Athletics Championships.

AA, which is responsible for the scheduling of both events, has scheduled the Knockout competition for Wednesday, December 6, the day before the All-Schools Championships begin. In the past, the Knockouts have been held following the individual titles.

Sacred Heart sports co-ordinator Karen Cordy yesterday said she had no option but to withdraw the teams from the Knockouts competition.

``What a very bizarre decision indeed, one I still cannot believe,'' she said yesterday. ``With eight out of our 20 athletes already qualified and going to the All-Schools, I would not ask them to compete for their school the day before. Sacred Heart has some amazing athletes representing us and I believe we are good enough to perhaps win the senior girls title at nationals, a first for our school.''

Sacred Heart has qualified first or second at State level to compete in the national titles for six consecutive years.

The All-Schools runs from December 7-10, with heats and finals in larger track events, and heats, semis and finals in shorter distances.

``Our throwers could probably compete for SHC but surely not the track athletes,'' Quinlan said. ``For example, the senior girls events require students to run 3km, 100m, 800m, 200m hurdles and 4x400m relay. Imagine doing one or two of these events in competition, 24 hours or so from competing at nationals.

``Sacred Heart had two national individual champions in 2005, with other students winning medals. In 2006 the girls going to nationals want to be at their peak and ready to compete, not sore or tired from competing for their school.''

Sacred Heart last week won the State senior girls Knockout from Frankston HS, while the junior girls finished second on a countback from Vermont Secondary College.

Athletics Australia spokesman David Culbert yesterday said the scheduling change came as many athletes and schools were actually attending the Knockout and prioritising this for their team and not competing in the All-Schools.

He said due to feedback from many in the competition that the Tuesday after All-Schools had imposed a ``second rate'' feel to the competition AA made the decision to put in place a one-year trial to stage the Knockout before the All-Schools.

The scheduling change will be reviewed at the end of the year.

Complete article at Geelong Info

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