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Cliff Young Halts Round Australia Run

Cliff Young Halts Round Australia Run

21 June 1997
Cliff YoungCliff Young's run around Australia has ground to a halt after approx 6520 km somewhere north of Fitzroy Crossing in the Northern Territories. He has been averaging between 60 and 70 km a day, since the end of March 1997, in an attempt to break Ron Grant's Round Australia Record. To do this Cliff was planning on finishing back in Adelaide in early to mid-October 1997. Clearly not bad for a 76 year old !

One of his crew members has been ill this week, and as a consequence little progress has been made. When the crew member pulled out yesterday, leaving Cliff with no permanent crew, his run by default, ground to a halt. For a run of this distance he needs constant food and drink and changes of clothing on hand. Some type of aid would be given, typically, every couple of kilometres or about 15-20 minutes of running.

Cliff is now in-transit back to his home near Colac, Victoria, according to his manager, Helen Powers. Cliff was very diasppointed at not being able to break Ron Grant's record.

Adelaide-based Kaven Dedman has a web page that has been following his progress at Further updates are expected both there and on CoolRunning as they come to hand.

A previous article from 15 May 1997 is available :
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