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Tunstall opens mouth, inserts foot

Tunstall opens mouth, inserts foot

19 May 1998

Controversial sports administrator, Arthur Tunstall, says he prefers the Commonwealth Games to the Olympics because everyone speaks English.

Mr Tunstall made the remarks after addressing a Commonwealth Games fundraising luncheon on the Gold Coast. During his speech he also made several jokes, including one which referred to Aboriginal people on welfare.

Speaking to the media later, Mr Tunstall had this response when asked what was so good about the Commonwealth Games: "It's great you can understand everybody when you come to the Commonwealth Games. As it is [at the Olympics], if you want to speak to a Russian or a German you've got to go and get an interpretor to be able to speak to him and discuss what's happening in your country. But at the Commonwealth Games you can sit down with anybody and talk about the sport," he said.

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