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ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA - 2001 Australian Clubs Championsips

ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA - 2001 Australian Clubs Championsips

Wednesday 17 January 2001

Athletics Australia advises that it will again conduct the National Clubs Championships during the 2000/2001 Australian Track and Field Season. This is one of a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening the club system, which is so vital for the future of our sport. Member Associations are asked to promote the concept of the Nationals Clubs Championships as widely as possible amongst their eligible member clubs and to distribute to clubs the attached detail.

Member Associations and Athletics New Zealand will be asked to nominate to AA by no later than 15th February 2001, the clubs which will represent their State/Territory in the Final to be held at ANZ Stadium, Brisbane on Monday, 26th March 2001 which is the evening of the day following this season's open and under 20 Nationals.

This date has been chosen to reduce travel and accommodation costs for clubs which already have athletes competing in the Nationals. As a further incentive for clubs to participate in the this programme, any athlete who is part of his/her club's team for the Clubs Final but who is not qualified to compete in the Nationals, will be permitted to compete in one event at the Nationals as well. The choice of date allows clubs to use other athletes who are Nationals entrants and presents a fantastic opportunity for club athletes to be able to compete in the new ANZ Stadium, the venue for this year's Goodwill Games.

Associations may select the clubs to represent them in any manner, including the following: * the club which wins any existing clubs competition within the Association * running a competition which mirrors the National Final format, such as NSW has very successfully done already this season However, we strongly urge Associations to use the latter option, where at all possible.

Our aim for 2001 is to have every state, and hopefully also ACT and NT, represented in both the mens and womens competitions. As with the first two years we intend to be flexible in a number of areas to ensure that the programme gets up and running and that a third successful National Final is conducted, building on the very encouraging results of the 2000 event. However, to encourage the strengthening of clubs we will be insisting on representation by first claim athletes only and no combine clubs. If any Association is not able to nominate a team this place will be offered to another state for a second or subsequent team.

Please forward any questions you might have to Brian Roe by email on or

The Championships Regulations and Timetable follow.



1.  In the first years of the Championship there will be separate
championships for mens and womens clubs in the open age group only. It is
intended that from 2002, we will have a single combined championship only.
There will be one club from each AA Member Association in each of the two
competitions. Any vacancies will be filled by ballot from amongst second
choice clubs nominated by Associations.

2.  Each team will be restricted to 14 competitors (that is either 14 men or
14 women as the case may be), all of whom must be first claim members of the
competing club. No combine clubs will be permitted.

3.  Each athlete will be permitted to compete in a maximum of three
individual events plus a relay [alternatively an athlete may do up to two
individual and two relay events]. Each team will field one athlete in each
of the two divisions in each event, to be nominated immediately prior to the
start of each event from within the nominated team. Teams unable to comply
with the rule at the time of competition due to illness or injury amongst
their originally nominated team, will be permitted to compete on a
invitation basis.

4.	The following events (two divisions in each except relays) will comprise
the Clubs Championship in 2000/2001: [Note: some events will be rotated from
year to year]

MEN 100m; 400m; 800m; 3000m; 200m H; Shot; Javelin; Long Jump; Pole Vault;
4x100m; Medley Relay

WOMEN 200m; 400m; 800m; 3000m; 200m H; Shot; Discus; Triple Jump; High Jump;
4x100m; Medley

The medley relay is 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m.

5. All teams will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation
arrangements. Any team member not qualified to compete in the Australian
Championships, will be permitted to enter in the Australian Championships in
one event without being qualified, upon payment of the normal $12 entry fee.
Please make sure that they clearly mark "CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP ENTRANT" on the
Championships entry form if entering the Championships under this rule.

6. Starting heights will apply in vertical jumps and time limits may be
applied in distance events.

The starting heights and progressions will be as follows:
Men Vault	Start at 2.60m, by 30cm to 4.10m, then by 15cm
Women High Jump	Start at 1.40m, by 7cm to 1.68m, then by 5 cm
If a club has a competitor who cannot clear the opening height they will be
permitted to have one only attempt at a lower height nominated by them at
the Technical Meeting. If successful, they would then have the option of
continuing in the competition as per the above progressions.

7.  For an eight team competition, the following points would apply:

1 20
2 18
3			16
4			15
5 14
6 13
7			12
8			11

1			15
2			13
3			11
4			10
5			9
6			8
7			7
8			6

Relays to be scored as per A division. If a club has only one athlete in an
event, they must compete in A division. Where a club has no athlete in a
division, or the athlete fails to record a performance or is disqualified,
they will score zero (0) points for that division of that event.

8.  AWARDS	- The winning teams will be awarded AA championship medallions.
The winning mens and womens clubs will be invited to form a combined team of
5 men and 5 women to represent Australia in the inaugural Oceania Cup to be
held in Vanuatu on 14th July. Air tickets and accommodation will be provided
for team members and one manager.

9.  SELECTION OF COMPETING TEAMS - This will be the responsibility of each
Member Association. The Association may use any system to determine the two
clubs which will represent it in the Final. The only exception to the first
claim athlete/no combine clubs will be that Northern Territory will be
permitted to enter an Association rather than a club team provided that all
athletes are first claim members of NTAC.

10.  ENTRY BOND - Given that the competition is now firmly established, no
bond payment will be required in 2001.

11.  TIMETABLE - is attached.

ANZ Stadium, Nathan, Brisbane (QLD)
Monday, 26th March 2001


6.00pm	4x100m Relay Men
             Javelin Men
             Pole Vault Men
             Triple Jump Women
6.05pm	4x100m Relay Women
6.10pm	800 metres A Men
6.15pm	800 metres B Men
6.20pm	800 metres A Women
             Shot Put Women
6.25pm	800 metres B Women
6.35pm	100 metres A Men
6.40pm	100 metres B Men
6.50pm	200 metres A Women
6.55pm	200 metres B Women
7.05pm	3000 metres A/B Men
7.20pm	3000 metres A/B Women
             High Jump Women
7.30pm	Discus Women
7.35pm	400 metres A Men
7.40pm	400 metres B Men
             Long Jump Men
7.45pm	400 metres A Women
             Shot Put Men
7.50pm	400 metres B Women
8.00pm	200m Hurdles A Men
8.05pm	200m Hurdles B	 Men
8.15pm	200m Hurdles A	 Women
8.20pm	200m Hurdles B	 Women
8.30pm	Medley Relay Men
8.40pm	Medley Relay Women

In throws and long jump each competitor will have three trials only.
Medley relay legs will be in the following order - 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m

Brian Roe
for Competitions Manager


This information has been provided by Athletics Australia.
Suite 22, Fawkner Towers, 431 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia
Phone: 61 3 98203511 Fax: 61 3 9820 3544 Email: Web:
Athletics Australia is proudly sponsored and supported by Telstra, New Balance, Ansett, TNT, Mannatech, Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Commonwealth Games Association and the Australian Sports Commission.

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