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CoolRunning's Unofficial Trailwalker Information
Click here for CoolRunning's Unofficial Trailwalker Information

Trailwalker events are held at these places:
Sydney | Adelaide | Melbourne | Hong Kong | UK

Trailwalker is a 100 kilometre endurance event for teams of 4 over very rugged terrain. It was originally started as a military training exercise by the Queen's Gurkha Signals Regiment in Hong Kong in 1981, and has since raised over $20 million for Oxfam Hong Kong. The event has now spread to Australia and the UK.

You'll use the best of your teamwork skills to bring your team through the course in less than the 48 hour limit, competing with teams from the Australian Defence Forces, Police, Fire and Civil Emergency Services as well as the Corporate Sector. AND You will be supporting the work of Community Aid Abroad. Australians helping some of the world's poorest communities both locally and overseas. This web page appears to be a great entry point to learn more about the events

Please share your event & training reports and photos for other people to view




Hong Kong


Click here for CoolRunning's Unofficial Trailwalker Information

This page last updated: Saturday 20 March 2010

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