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Shuttle Bus

Transport will be available from Queenscliff back to Geelong at $5 each to cover mini-bus hire and petrol. There will likely be 2-3 trips to avoid unnecessarily long delays, depending upon numbers.

If you are interested in this option, please register ASAP but no later than Wed Aug 16. To register yourself, you need to be logged in to Coolrunning and follow the instructions to the right. NB: you may experience login problems with the recent website updates. Alternatively, you can email me at and I will insert your name. This is not a commitment as I understand arrangements change closer to the time, but the amount of interest will be useful to determine how best to organise it. As with the start list, you can add and delete your name whenever you like.

If you are requiring transport back but have not registered your name by the above date, please contact me directly.

1. Peter Bignell (pbig)

2. Richard Arney

3. Nicholas Bignell

4. Gary Hughes

5. Stephen Glover

6. Annie Beste

7. Gina Mc Vicar

8. James Black

9. John Boyle

10. Rob Danahar

11. Peter Whyte

12. Noel Mc Mahon

13. Mark Falls

14. Travis Tremayne

15. Stephen Hempel

16. Anthony Cowan

17. Stuart Draffin









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